Vishal Bhatt

Founder, Director Kingsman Solutions Pvt Ltd ( Vishal is a versatile person, when it comes to Business. He graduated as an Electronics and Communication Engineer from Bangalore, but his interest of doing business has inspired him to do Management study to sharpen his skills. He finished his MBA from Jain University @ Bangalore. Along with his Graduation, he entered in two businesses. One was into Education field of providing career counseling to students, named as Lakshya Group and another was trading of Automobile sector across Gujarat region. He was always passionate about stock market trading and so he started trading in Stock market from 2005. Due to his interest and deep understanding, he decided to explore more into this and converted this as main business activity. He carries over 10 years of experience in Indian Markets and over 5 years of experience, in Global Markets. He is a CEO and founder of Genesis Financial Solutions, where he focuses on providing best suitable financial model & portfolio to its customers and drives their portfolio to achieve their short term and long term financial requirements. His vision is to establish a company where he can provide all kind of financial advisory and solution to Individuals and Businesses. With this aim, he started a company of Kingsman Solution Pvt Ltd