Gogoro electric scooters homologated for India; launch around corners

Besides the battery-powered scooters, Gogoro is planning to develop a wide battery-swapping network across India.

Gogoro electric scooters homologated for India; launch around corners

Monday March 27, 2023,

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The onslaught of electric vehicles (EVs) is a clear indication of the direction the automobile industry is heading towards. Recent years have witnessed the inception of multiple EV manufacturers in India, and among them is Taiwan-based Gogoro.

The brand has registered in India, forging multiple tie-ups with Indian firms like Hero MotoCorp and, more recently, Zypp Electric in November last year. Entering the Indian market in the B2B segment, the company is now venturing into the passenger two-wheeler segment with two models—Gogoro 2 and Gogoro 2 Plus.


Gogoro 2 electric scooter

Gogoro 2, 2 Plus homologated

Gogoro has homologated these models in India as per type approval documents provided by the Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), Pune. The documents reveal that the scooters will not be locally manufactured but imported from Taiwan as Completely Built Units (CBU).

The Indian website of Gogoro lists two scooters—2 Series and Supersport—establishing that it will launch two variants of the former—standard and plus—while it will introduce Supersport at a later stage.

Gogoro 2, 2 Plus specs

Both variants are dimensionally identical with 1,800mm in length, 670mm in width, and 1,110mm in height, along with a wheelbase measuring 1,295mm. The scooters have a gross vehicle weight of 273 kg. The primary difference between the two variants lies in their indicated maximum range. The 2 and 2 Plus offer a peak range of 87 km and 94 km on a single charge, respectively.


Features on offer in Gogoro electric scooter

Interestingly, the company website mentions the range of up to 170 km for the 2 Series. Further, Gogoro 2 will be powered by an electric motor that churns out a peak power of 7.2kW, whereas the 2 Plus will be powered by a slightly smaller motor that kicks out a peak output of 6.4kW. Gogoro 2’s electrical energy consumption stands at 41 Wh/km, while in the Plus variant, it is 44 Wh/km. 

As per the type approval document, both models are certified to clock a top speed of 87 kmph, which makes them equivalent to a 125cc IC engine-powered scooter. Although, the company is yet to reveal the battery specs of the variants.

Besides, Gogoro 2 Series will be loaded with advanced features, including an auto weather module, one-click reverse, a carbon belt system for silent operations, a digital instrument console with connectivity tech, and a tyre pressure monitoring system. It also gets a unique bio-authentication feature, accessed via fingerprint, face ID, and Siri voice command.


Gogoro working on establishing a battery swapping network across India

Battery swapping network

Like Taiwan and other international markets, Gogoro last year said it will build a large network of battery-swapping stations in India. The company is working out details to establish this wide network across the country, which could be a big boost to the electric mobility sector in India as fueling up can take place in under 10 seconds.

(Images courtesy: Gogoro)

Edited by Suman Singh