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Give your wardrobe the love it needs with clothes that reflect your personality.
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Inspired by the Sanskrit word for wonderful, comes ASCAA - a name that reflects the essence of joy, happiness and exemplary wonder. Ascaa is all about celebrating the joy of dressing up, looking and feeling great. The brand creates clothing that inspires confidence to radiate from within and makes you feel lively, while their philosophy is derived from the thought that when we feel good, we look confident and exude happiness. What makes them unique Drawing inspiration from the latest trends, from street style to runway, their brand offers an array of styles that are perfect for men & women of today! And keeping the environment and eco-friendly practices in mind, their experts stay on top of the latest fashion trends and bring them to the production line. Ascaa combines the design, fabric, styles, colours and shades with human emotions to spark a feeling of happiness and self-worth. From workwear to street style, summer styles to fall vibes, Ascaa is your one-stop destination for the latest trends that make sure you’re always runway ready!
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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