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Aural is building an Instagram for Audio for the Next Billion Internet Users.
Basic Information
Introducing a revolution in the way you hear and share audio! Ever wanted to have a platform to express your talent, and actually have people hear it? Do away with black screens, quality reductions, and join a platform, just for sharing YOUR story! We bring to you Aural, a platform to share short audio snippets, Tunes upto 90 seconds! They can be anything- showcasing your perfect pitch, a jam session with your best friends, or just your favorite daily story that you can now tell the world! Ever wondered how Batman would sound like singing Hello by Adele? Try it yourself, with our pitch correction and voice modulation feature - Spices! Whether it be a workout, the weekly house cleaning, or the usual commute, entertain your ears with what the world has to say, and make yourself heard, on Aural!
Legal Name
DigiAural Ventures Private Limited
Gurugram, Haryana, India
Business Model
B2C,  B2B  
Founding Date
17th Jan 2022
No. of Employees
21 to 40
Core Team
Shubham Verma
Co-Founder & CEO
Kush Patel
Co-Founder & COO


Founding Team Hired

Feb | Founding Team Hired

Hired the best in class talents excelling in their own domains.

Company Incorporation

Apr | Company Incorporation

From Incorporation to IPO and beyond, The journey begins :)

Accelerator / Incubator Program

May | Accelerator / Incubator Program

Made it to 100X VC Gurukul Cohort!

Target Market
Anyone who wishes to share or listen to short audio content and share their stories in their favourite celebrity's voice. Consumers who are tired of listening to ads can subscribe to Aural Premium.
User Age
Less than 18,  18 to 25,  26 to 34,  35 to 45,  46 to 60,  More than 60  
User Income
Lower-middle Income,  Upper-middle Income,  High Income  
India,  Global  
Businesses who wish to advertise their products.
Client Segment
Consumer,  Services,  Content,  Technology  
Target Companies
Startup,  Small Enterprise  
Target Geography
India,  Global