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Awsum provides fun solutions to otherwise boring problems that have crept inside the lives of people slowly during the global Pandemic.
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AWSUM are a bunch of young food innovators who wants to kick start a wellness revolution where in they intend to use the power of real whole food and blend it with powerful herbs and botanicals that are mentioned in the ancient Indian wellness science of Ayurveda to help working millennials and GenZ people lead a better lifestyle and help them deal with lifestyle related issues and disorders. They create food products that are effective and delightful. What makes them unique: They are one of the first brands globally that is using the wisdom of Ayurveda and mixing it with real whole food to create products that are effective and exciting. The vision of the brand is to kickstart an alternative wellness revolution by building a community of like minded people that is keen on unleashing the greatest vision of themselves using what we call "Natures pharma".
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Fitamore Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
New Delhi, Delhi, India
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