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Bert Platform proprietary, patented AI – IOT powered Solution, impacts on Sustainability, Decarbonisation Goals, Process Line Efficiency for improved Quality, SC Planning, Logistics and CE Improvement, Compliance & R&D Process Efficiency Improvement.
Basic Information
Bert Labs, founded in 2017 by Rohit Kochar, uses Internet of Things to enable its clients to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and improve supply chain planning and logistics. They allow customers to leverage their software and hardware to generate customised applications, delivered within the nerves of where they are located. Their devices measure accurately and granularly the parameters related to the machine health and operations, environmental conditions, and material information. The data from various IoT & non-IoT devices are gathered at a single location for it to be acted upon. Deep Reinforcement Learning powered deep and wide correlation identification for most optimized decision-making improving plant availability, reducing wastages, and bringing more transparency in operations.
Legal Name
Bert Labs Pvt Ltd
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Business Model
Founding Date
No. of Employees
11 to 20
Core Team
Rohit Kochar
Founder and CEO
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Target Market
Bert Labs ( formally started early 2017. We've built Artificial Intelligence - Internet of Things powered Platform Solution for Energy Efficiency Improvement, Production Efficiency Improvement, for Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Production Facilities, R&D Facilities and Commercial Buildings in FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Automobile, and other heavy engineering industry verticals in Developed & Developing Markets and for Supply Chain Planning & Logistics Efficiency Improvement. We are currently 20+ growing team and planning to become 100+ team by 31 March 2022. We at Bert Labs are enabling our clients to achieve their Capital Efficiency & Sustainability goals.
Client Segment
Construction,  Consumer,  Energy,  Enterprise Tech,  FMCG,  Hardware,  Logistics,  Manufacturing,  Mobility / Transportation,  Retail,  SaaS,  Software,  PaaS,  Automotive,  IaaS,  Technology,  Analytics & BI,  DeepTech,  Machine Learning  
Target Companies
Large Enterprise  
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