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Capital Quotient is a startup that offers advisory on different asset classes including mutual funds and stocks
Basic Information
Capital Quotient’s core proposition is advisory. Relying heavily on machine learning algorithms, the startup offers advisory on different asset classes on the platform, including mutual funds and stocks. Capital Quotient released its personalised advisory in December 2017. Its ‘Siply’ application enables employees of small enterprises to create a savings fund with a little monthly contribution and get a contribution from their employers as well. It targets those falling under the less-than-10,000 salary bracket. The company’s revenue is generated through payments for its advisory services. Currently, for a wealth manager, the platform charges a one-time advisory fee of 0.25 percent of the wealth managed. It also offers a subscription model, under which customers are charged Rs 299 per month for an automated AI advisory; a three-year subscription comes at a fee of Rs 10,300.
Legal Name
Quotient Digital Solutions Private Limited
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Business Model
B2C,  B2B  
Founding Date
No. of Employees
41 to 60
Core Team
Sousthav Chakrabarty
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Gautam Reddy
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Anil Bhat
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Detail Round Breakdown
Round 1


Series Name
Jun 2019