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Ecentric is a fashion brand that manufactures clothing using hemp fibre.
Basic Information
Ecentric was started with the idea of making sustainable living affordable for the masses starting with fashion. All of their clothing products are made from industrial hemp which is a sustainable and eco-friendly fibre. The organic way of living is getting popular every day as people learn to live sustainably and in order for it to successfully transform the future, it needs to be embraced it in every aspect – not just limit it to food and personal care. Clothing is an important part of everyone’s lives and the fashion industry adds a significant amount to the world’s carbon footprint. Hence, they believe sustainable fashion is the future and it is essential for all of us to be a part of an environment-centric community.
Legal Name
Ecentric India Private Limited
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Business Model
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Core Team
Salendra Gupta
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