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Innocule is a manufacturing startup that offers specialty chemicals and additives for the Indian mineral industry.
Basic Information
Innocule’s products maximize output and minimize cost at several operational points during production. Backed by extensive R&D efforts its innovative formulations are customized as per the client’s raw material sources and their market requirement. They are always on the lookout for challenging industrial problems left unsolved by industry giants. Furthermore, Innocule offers innovative products and services to mineral industries for enhancing their productivity and cost-effectiveness. Product offerings include dispersants, dewatering aids, flow aids, grinding aids and other specialty chemicals used for the upgradation and beneficiation of the minerals.
Legal Name
Innocule Materials & Additives Pvt Ltd
Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Founding Date
No. of Employees
41 to 60
Core Team
Gyan Ranjan Das
Surbhi Sarna