Pandorum Technologies
Creating artificial lab-grown human tissues to revolutionise healthcare
Pandorum’s proprietary technology platform is designed to develop functional human tissues, including bio-engineered cornea and liver tissue, for medical research and therapeutic applications. The startup 3D-prints functional tissues from a combination of cells, gels, and cell modulators. Fabrication methods such as self-assembly and 3D printing are used to construct the desired tissue, by employing principles of micro-architecture. It has also developed a novel hydrogel that can deliver corneal stem cells to the wound site to help with scarless repair and regeneration of corneal tissues. This hydrogel can be directly applied to corneal injuries in a minimally invasive manner. Pandorum Technologies has also developed the capability to 3D bio-print corneal lenticules, a disc-shaped piece of corneal tissue. This part of the human eye can be used for lamellar keratoplasty, a surgical procedure for the partial replacement of a damaged cornea.
  • HealthTech
  • 3D printing
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    26+ Employees


    Awards and Recognitions
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    Pandorum Technologies is a biotech startup that focusses on tissue engineering. In 2017, the startup made history to become the first Indian company to 3D-print human liver tissue for medical research. To expand its research, Pandorum has tied up with the Hyderabad-based LV Prasad Eye Institute. Through this collaboration, the startup has bio-engineered human cornea tissues, with the aim of ultimately removing all dependencies on human donors for cornea transplants. This milestone was achieved by scientists at Pandorum Technologies in May 2019. This bio-engineered human cornea tissue can enable scarless healing of corneal wounds and restoration of vision through bio-regeneration.


    Funding Rounds and Investors
    Sunil Kant Munjal, Karnataka Information Technology Venture Capital Fund, Indian Angel Network, Binny Bansal, 500 Startups, 021 Capital
    Feb 2018
    Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal
    Dec 2016