String Bio
StringBio is working towards improving food security by producing protein from methane
An industrial biotechnology company, StringBio delivers cost-effective and sustainable solutions by leveraging methane to create value-added commodities for animal nutrition. The Bengaluru-based startup uses SIMP (String Integrated Methane Platform), its proprietary platform, as well as areas like synthetic biology, fermentation technology, chemistry, and process engineering to produce the protein. It has already patented five of its key processes surrounding this. Initially bootstrapped, the venture closed Series A round of funding in 2019, and also received funds as part of the Biotechnology Ignition Grant Scheme. At present, StringBio’s target market consists of animal feed manufacturers, sellers, as well as owners of poultry and aquatic farms.
  • Biotech
  • FoodTech
  • FMCG
    Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    21 to 40
    6th Mar 2013


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    At a time when the ill effects of environmental degradation, climate change, and food shortage are being felt worldwide, StringBio is on a mission to create solutions to address these challenges. Currently, the startup is leveraging biotechnology to produce animal feed. A lot of the animal feed available in the market is not rich in protein and is filled with contaminants and pesticides, and StringBio’s idea revolves around resolving this issue. The startup’s product, String Pro, produces high-quality protein from methane, a common by-product of natural gas, biogas, and landfill gas, in a sustainable and environment-friendly manner. Every kilogram of protein thus manufactured consists of 650 grams of protein, which can be used to feed animals. The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2050, global food systems will have to meet the dietary demands of more than 10 billion people. At present, StringBio claims it is the only company in Asia that has enabled a methane-based value chain through a biological process. The startup is presently working towards entering the food market.


    Funding Rounds and Investors
    Srinivasa Farms, Seventure Partners, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Karnataka Information Technology Venture Capital Fund, Ankur Capital
    Jun 2019
    May 2017