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    • Why Calculating Runway Is Important
    • Formula
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    • How To Extend Runway?

    Runway refers to the amount of time a company can operate before it runs out of cash or funding. It's a critical metric used in financial planning, especially for startups or businesses that might not be profitable yet and rely on external funding to sustain operations.

    Runway represents the time a company has to reach certain milestones, like becoming profitable, securing new funding, or achieving a significant business goal. 

    Why Calculating Runway Is Important

    Calculating runway is crucial for several reasons, especially for startups and businesses that rely on funding to operate:

    Financial Planning: Runway helps in financial forecasting and planning. It provides a clear understanding of how long the company can sustain its operations before running out of funds. This allows for better financial decisions and strategies.

    Risk Management: Knowing the runway helps in risk assessment. It allows the company to anticipate potential cash flow issues, giving them time to take proactive measures to secure additional funding or adjust spending to avoid running out of money.

    Investor Confidence: For startups seeking investment, presenting a clear runway demonstrates a solid understanding of the company's financial health. It shows investors how long the company can operate without profitability and provides assurance about the business's sustainability.

    Strategic Decision Making: Understanding the runway aids in making strategic decisions. It influences hiring plans, marketing budgets, product development timelines, and overall business strategy to ensure alignment with the available resources and time frame.

    Long-Term Planning: It allows businesses to set realistic goals and milestones within the available time frame. Having a clear view of the runway enables better planning for growth, expansion, or achieving profitability.

    By knowing the runway, companies can take proactive steps to avoid sudden cash shortfalls. 


    The formula to calculate runway involves dividing the available cash or funding by the burn rate:

    Runway = Available Cash / Burn Rate


    Available cash represents the total amount of cash reserves or funding that the company has


    Let's say a company in India has Rs. 50,00,000 in available cash and its monthly burn rate is Rs. 5,00,000. The calculation for the runway in months would be:

    Runway = Available Cash / Burn Rate

    Runway = Rs. 50,00,000 / Rs. 5,00,000 per month

    Runway = 10 months

    With the given numbers, the company would have a runway of 10 months before it exhausts its cash reserves at the current monthly spending rate. Adjustments in expenses or obtaining additional funding can extend this runway period.

    How To Extend Runaway?

    Extending starts with being smart about how you spend. First, take a close look at where your money goes and figure out what you can cut back on without hurting your business. Focus your spending on stuff that really helps your business grow, like improving your product or reaching more customers.

    Then, try negotiating better deals and see if there are ways to make your team work more efficiently. Keep your existing customers happy because it's often cheaper than finding new ones. Also, explore new ways to bring in money and consider getting extra funding if needed.

    Regularly monitor your finances, and be prepared to make adjustments based on how your company is performing. By taking these actions, you may give yourself more time and allow your company to achieve its objectives without having to worry about premature cash outflow.