These 10 body-positive accounts on Instagram will help you accept and love yourself more

From extreme dieting to weight loss pills and digital alteration, the lengths we go to in search of validation are boundless. But these 10 body-positive Instagram users say self-love is the way to go.

These 10 body-positive accounts on Instagram will help you accept and love yourself more

Tuesday May 14, 2019,

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When we’re constantly being told we need to change the way we look for society to accept us, it’s good to be reminded that we actually don’t. These 10 Instagram users share their personal body-image struggles with followers, and inspire them to start their own journeys toward self-love.

Megan Jayn Crabb - @bodyposipanda

Megan Jayn Crabbe celebrates her body with all its curves, stretch marks, and scars. She is also the author of Body Positive Power, where she addresses unrealistic beauty standards, and the importance of self-love.

Milly Smith - @selfloveclubb

Milly Smith shares her struggles with body image, mental, and physical health. She also documents her life as a young mother juggling work and university. The body-positivity advocate is also on her way to becoming a published author.

Dolly Singh - @yogaforallmumbai

Dolly Singh destroys stereotypes by proudly practising yoga as a plus-size woman, and capturing the progress her mind and body make along the way. She also runs body-positive yoga classes in Mumbai.

Essie Dennis - @khal_essie

Model Essie Dennis talks about body acceptance, spreads awareness about eating disorders, advocates feminism, and is proud of her bisexual identity. She dismisses the notion that one has to be thin, hairless and young-looking to be beautiful, and encourages curvy women to 'embrace the squish!'

Harnaam Kaur - @harnaamkaur

Having been bullied for most of her childhood, Harnaam Kaur now says, 'if you've got it, rock it', proudly sporting her beard - a symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), with which she was diagnosed at age 12. She also openly shares her struggles with mental health and body image with her followers.

Imogen Fox - @the_feeding_of_the_fox

Imogen Fox speaks about the importance of being visible as a disabled person in the body positivity movement. She shares how genetic impairment and eating disorders have impacted her life, and is an inspiration for followers with similar struggles.

Ruby Allegra - @rvbyallegra

Diagnosed with a congenital joint disorder, Ruby Allegra showcases their experiences as a genderfluid, disabled person, advocating body positivity.

Runa Azam - @glambyruna

YouTuber Runa Azam encourages plus-size women to embrace themselves the way they are and live life to the fullest. She also takes pride in her South Asian roots, and rocks outfits that make her confident.

Stephanie Yeboah - @nerdabouttown

"Please don't wait until you're my age to start enjoying and appreciating everything your body does for you! Go out there and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE," says 30-year-old Stephanie Yeboah, a British blogger and author. Stephanie advocates for fat acceptance, being confident about your body, stretch marks, and all.

P.S. Kaguya - @p.s.kaguya

P.S Kaguya speaks out about not fitting industry standards and being fetishised for her race and body shape. She offers the representation that Asian people need in the body positivity movement.

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