Meet the 5 women YouTubers who are DIY-ing their businesses

You can learn anything from YouTube - the art of make-up, cooking, sewing and anything that catches your fancy. Here are five women YouTubers who are making life easy with DIY videos.

Meet the 5 women YouTubers who are DIY-ing their businesses

Saturday October 12, 2019,

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Today, Youtube has become the go-to place for learning everything under the sun. According to the company, 71 percent of viewers in India check YouTube videos first to learn about something. This new trend has led to an increase in DIY content creators. These DIY creators span different categories from art and craft, beauty and skin care, fashion hacks, home decor and much more.  

Here is a look at some DIY YouTube channels that should be on your must-checkout list.

Artkala - World of Innovation 

Artkala is an art and craft channel with 2.47 million subscribers that transforms old and useless waste material into new and creative items. The easy and simple to follow DIY tutorials are perfect for beginners and can be tried at home. The creators Puja, Sneha and Pawan from Patna, Bihar have created a channel that produces a new video every day and has garnered over 417,300,000 views since 2016

Shruti Arjun Anand 

Shruti Arjun Anand is skin and hair care DIY YouTuber. Her channel has tutorials in Hindi on easy and pocket-friendly skin and hair care routines. With 5.32 million subscribers, her channel features everyday makeup routines, mehendi tutorials, and more. Shruti describes her channel as ‘beauty and entertainment ka channel’ and apart from skincare she also produces sketches.


Woodooz is a unique DIY channel that specialises in Indian woodwork and carpentry. Started by Preethi and her spouse Somu in Chennai in 2011, the channel helps beginners to make everyday utility items and decor, arts and crafts and how-tos and tips related to woodwork. The channel has over 227,000 views. 

Dhara Patel 

Dhara Patel is a DIY home decor YouTuber with over 17k subscribers. Since its launch in 2018, her channel has garnered over 753,100 views. Her easy and cost effective home decor DIY videos can help transform homes into vibrant looking and beautiful homes. Her channel has unique ideas and creations like entryway makeovers, kitchen wall decor, makeovers on a budget and more. 


CraftLas started by Aarti Gupta is a DIY channel for arts, paintings and crafts videos. The channel uploads over 30 step-by-step tutorials videos every month of easy and cost-effective festive crafts and art. The DIY videos show how waste material that are found in every home can enable people to make crafts at home without spending money on art supplies. Started in 2012, the channel has over 269k subscribers, 700+ videos and 47,374,800+  views.

(Edited by Rekha Balakrishnan)