This Women’s Day, rise above your past: Amplifying voices of women defining their future

What’s in the past? Well, there is courage, selflessness, love, and kindness, often in the midst of a harrowing and unjust past. Notably, women have learnt to pick the lessons and walk ahead.

In ancient Greek folklore, the phoenix combusts into flames and magnificently rises again from its ashes. The ash is reminiscent of our past and we must, like the Phoenix Ventures, rise from a disintegrated past.

For seven years, HerStory has brought you stories from all over India of women braving the odds to chase their dreams. Stories of women who have overcome obstacles, societal pressures, trials, and tribulations to stand out and shine.

Starting on International Women’s Day, we at HerStory will bring you stories of women who have risen above their past.

In our bid to serve inspiration, HerStory continues to tell stories of trailblazing women like Kanika Tekriwal who relentlessly pursued her childhood dreams of working in the aviation industry and built ‘Uber of the skies’ with her startup JetSetGo. Cancer was a thing she could easily defer in pursuit of her bigger dreams.

When roads seem unfair, women have shown that they can build one for themselves. Aditi Mishra was treated differently at her workplace after coming back from maternity break. She then founded a sustainable food solutions startup Platana Food.

Chinu Kala, Founder of Rubans, has carved her own path, rising above poverty to become an entrepreneur. While she has gone from selling knives and toasters door to door to clocking over Rs 3 crore turnover, Chinu shows strength is remaining an earnest learner in the face of adversity.

There are many more women who exhibit such strength. These women serve as inspiration to hold our head high and march on, no matter the number of challenges that come our way.

What do we want to offer?

We want to inspire, engage, and mentor women and girls everywhere to RISE ABOVE THEIR PAST.

We want everyone to remember that the past cannot hold us hostage. We want people to break free from the shackles of the past and rise like the phoenix to reach glory.

Every story that we bring to you is a reminder to you to RISE ABOVE YOUR PAST and chart a new course.

How do we plan to go about it?

From a vision and campaigns that give you your weekly dose of inspiration to interviews, stories, and workshops that guide you on how to RISE ABOVE YOUR PAST, we are going all out.

We are excited about bringing you a variety of thought-starters and resources to spark your fire and set you on your way.

Tune in. Be inspired.

No stories are too ordinary. They can create a ripple effect that can be seen only when shared.

Tell us yours that can inspire us and others to RISE ABOVE YOUR PAST, send them to us at

You can also tag us on Instagram and Facebook, along with the hashtag, #RiseAbove

Let’s rise above our past.


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