ePoolers-Get Richer With Every Ride

It Takes Two To Carpool

ePoolers-Get Richer With Every Ride

Sunday November 27, 2016,

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For past few years, car pooling is something that has been promoted and advertised not only by the entrepreneurs but by the Government too. Traffic is one of the most intolerable problems faced by individuals, especially in metro cities. In Delhi NCR, this problem gets quite chaotic. With most of the corporate residing in Gurgaon and Noida and Delhi being the favourite for living, the problem of traffic cannot be put out of the picture especially during the office hours. The problem can be seen as the metro is flooded with people and the roads stand still because of the over loading of the number of vehicles.  Entrepreneurs took this challenge and ready to solve it,one major solution to this problem is pooling your vehicles, then the ePoolers emerged in the picture. ePoolers started providing car and bike pooling services.

What exactly is the definition of Car-pooling and Bike-pooling?

It can be stated as the experience of sharing a ride together. For example, you share a ride with your friend to the nearest metro station. That is an example of vehicle pooling. ePoolers is a step ahead of it. At ePoolers, you can travel with someone who is going to exact same destination as you are going to or even halfway. And can do it with your car or motorbike!


How does the service works?

The vehicle pooling can be divided into two different parts: the vehicle owner and the fellow traveler. The owner is someone who is travelling from one point to other, while the fellow traveler is someone who is planning to go the same destination and resides near by the owner or on the way of journey. So if you are an owner, you can use ePoolers platform (mobile app on Android PlayStore & iTunes AppStore) to find the fellow traveler for the empty seats and the ride cost is shared with Riders. Riders benefit by reaching their destination quickly & without the hassles of public transport. The algorithm calculates the ride cost & splits between all the people in a pool.

What are the benefits for carpooling?

Environmental friendly is the major benefit of using the service. Also, it reduces traffic. Travel cost gets reduced and obviously you can bond with the fellow travelers. Also, you don’t need to wait for the availability of trains. At ePoolers, you can bond and travel with the people of your interests. So it’s fun.

What is the difference between pooling and booking a cab?

Booking an on-demand taxi is something where you ask for the service and pay for it. While pooling involves sharing of the experience of traveling together. You can bond with the people traveling with you. Ride sharing or pooling is something which is done to reduce costs.

What’s the future of pooling?

Well, gone are the times when people don’t trust traveling in some random cars. People, now have seen the concept of car pooling. It is quite tested. Now it’s about providing the best services to the travelers. There exists many startups who are trying to solve the problem of carpooling. But ePoolers have entirely different model offering Road Side Assistance, different payment algorithm and creating a space where people can actually trust the fellow drivers in order to wishing a safe ride.

Is pooling possible for outstation rides?

Absolutely yes!!! Think of travelling from Delhi to Jaipur in your car. You log in to the mobile app to create your ride & search for a fellow rider. You can select people of your interests. And Boom!! You got it. You had three vacant seats. Now you got three fellow riders to travel with you. You can talk about the interests you share. You can enjoy a meal together on your way. You can probably end up finding a new friend.The trip before what would cost you some X bucks would now be divided by four people. So what you got?

A cheaper trip, some friends, fun all the way.

Isn’t it fun?

Pooling of vehicles is so much fun. You may bond, have fun and obviously reduce your traveling costs.

So where do you plan to go next?