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Blockchain Technology: How to get Blockchain Certifications

Blockchain technology has been making strides in technology sectors, and aspirants are eager to learn it. Taking blockchain certifications are a good way to do so.

Blockchain Technology: How to get Blockchain Certifications

Thursday June 27, 2019,

5 min Read

Blockchain has become popular among developers. It is one of the trending technologies which companies are planning to add to their stacks. The demand for Blockchain developers has grown by leaps and bounds. Reportedly, the global Blockchain technology market will reach US$ 21,070.2 Mn by the end of 2025 as against US$ 1,640.7 Mn in 2017.

Cryptocurrencies, the most sophisticated use of blockchain, have gathered fair popularity. So far the potential of blockchain technology has remained untapped. Smart contracts, another use of blockchain, in supply chain management, has transformed the industry in unexpected ways. As blockchain continues to evolve, there’s growing demand for skilled developers in this technology.

Developers around the world are moving to learn blockchain and have progressed from specialists to professionals in blockchain. The demand for blockchain developers has been consistently increasing. Thus, developers with a background in different technology are moving to learn this trending technology. Like all technologies, the fast adoption of block chain has brought forward challenges, and organizations are increasingly looking for candidates that can embrace these challenges with open arms and find solutions for it.

As blockchain is a new technology, no standard learning process has been established for it. Most developers are taking the self-learning approach, but for developers already working full-time this is a challenge. Certifications are fast and quick approach to learn blockchain as they offer comprehensive learning. For beginners, it is important to be trained under competent professionals. Another benefit of certifications is access to valuable resources and networking with thousands of experienced professionals, as part of membership of prestigious bodies, which comes with certifications. 

This post lists certifications which aspiring developers can take to learn blockchain inside out.

Certified Cryptocurrency Trader

This certification is awarded by the Blockchain Council. Since 2017, Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, has gained wide popularity. In 2018, ICOs came and have been popular among the investors community, as one of the leading ways to raise capital for business growth.

The training and certification program offered by Blockchain Council equips in several areas of blockchain including ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), Ethereum, smart contracts, and more.

It is a good idea to get certified as a blockchain expert to further excel in career. For Blockchain Council, the fee can range from $9- $149 for courses. An additional fee of $199 is required for annual membership of the council.

Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium

This consortium offers three programs dedicated to Bitcoin. Certified Bitcoin Expert, Certified Bitcoin Professional, and Certified Ethereum Developer are three certifications offered by the consortium. These programs equip with knowledge of Bitcoin, and certified ones understand bitcoin inside out.

After the completion of programs, professionals have knowledge of Bitcoin’s protocol, its transactions, and network operation. Certified Bitcoin Professionals can implement the knowledge in their work and better understand issues related to crypto currency.

The program lasts for two years and the cost of course is $95 and an additional fee of $30 is required.

Digital Currency Council  (DCC)

This program was created by David Berger in New York in 2014. The courses are led by David. Currently, it has 1500 participants who come from 90 countries to learn about digital currencies.

The training programs offered by DCC are comparatively shorter than Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium. However, the program costs a little more and is priced at $299. Training includes fundamentals of cryptocurrency, financial relations, Bitcoin ecosystem and legal subjects.

Blockchain Training Alliance

Unlike other programs mentioned above, this program offers mobility. This means that programs are offered around the world. Not only does this company offer a comprehensive program to learn blockchain, it also offers residential courses.

Business Blockchain Professional (BBP) by Central Blockchain Council of America

This is probably the most popular certification body for blockchain enthusiasts and working professionals. With this certification, one can get started in their career as a blockchain developer. The course features a comprehensive curriculum. This certification also adds developers to CBCA Global Association of Technology and Blockchain Professionals, which is a coveted membership.

Certified Blockchain Engineer (CBE) by Central Blockchain Council of America

This is another certification from CBCA, which equips developers and engineers to tackle the some of the toughest problems in blockchain. Distributed ledger is utilized at multiple platforms, which requires developers to think of solutions to implement blockchain on various platforms. That’s a tough task. This certification program prepares candidates for that. 

Global Blockchain Leader (GBL) by Central Blockchain Council of America

While the first two are better suited for entry-level blockchain aspirants, GBL is best suited for global leaders with large industry experience. This certification program offers a comprehensive curriculum, which covers in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and equips with the know-how to implement blockchain strategies on global scale.

How to choose a certification program?

While all blockchain certifications on this list are good but all of them might not suit the purpose. More or less, all certifications programs have same eligibility criteria. Experience, though, makes a huge difference in all. However, always keep the eligibility criteria in mind while looking for certifications. Course structure, curriculum, pedagogy, and level of experience of instructors should be ideal parameters to select a certification. Make sure blockchain certification program covers the latest of technologies.

Wrapping up

Blockchain technology is moving forward at a really high pace, and its adoption in industry is making it extremely hard for organizations to keep up with the competition. So companies are desperate to get talent on board, and start reaping benefits of the blockchain technology. For this, companies are looking for talent at all levels—entry to CXO- to build and implement strategies. As the technology continues to mature and finds more use cases, it will create demand for expert technologists who understand blockchain like the back of their hand. It is high time blockchain aspirants equip themselves with skills and knowledge demanded by industry.