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Top 7 reasons why most mobile apps fail in app store

No one want to fail all want success, don’t you? “Failure” is a forbidden word, a taboo in human society.Failure is a worst thing that can ever happen to a successful person, company or an idea and with startups.

Friday September 29, 2017,

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No one want to fail all want success, don’t you? “Failure” is a forbidden word, a taboo in human society. Failure is a worst thing that can ever happen to a successful person, company or an idea and with startups. But Failure has a great educative function. It’s just that you don’t need to learn that the hard way.

When it comes to startups and mobile application development, failure is the first thing to keep in mind and take an eye on. Because there are thousands of apps launch every month with high quality function and features.

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker” - Denis Waitley

What do I mean? Well, every startup and existing app owner want their app to become successful, popular, and lucrative, don’t you? You even have an app idea that you find feasible and promising. It’s natural that you read articles like “How to Make more money with App?” and visualize your personal “app success story”… Unfortunately, this approach paves the road to failure.

As a mobile app marketing evangelist I always start app marketing with researching existing app failure reasons why they failed, to become successful in app launch by avoiding all that tactics that cause apps failure.

Let me tell you a secret: don’t disclose it, App success starts with analyzing why apps fail, not why a single app out of thousands succeeds.

You have to first find out why others didn’t make it, learn their mistakes, ensure you won’t repeat them, and your application will stand a chance in the noisy app stores.

So, let’s start our journey. It is exciting to know top failures reasons. Yeah have we go!

Here’re top 10 reasons why apps fail

We all know that Mobile apps continue to flood the app market and competition in the app market is increasing day by day, failure isn’t always a result of bad luck. In most cases, there are other different factors. Here are top 10 of the most common reasons that apps fail that can’t be chalked up simply to high competition.

#1 poor user experience and poor Design:

According to mobile marketing industry experts, “Around 8 percent of all app submissions on different operating systems (OS) such as windows, android, ios, etc., fail or are rejected only because they have a very poor user experience and design. Essentially, poor designing means the app not being able to make a huge impact on users.

When mobile app user complain about apps, those complaints mostly have to do with a poor user experience—poor design, poor responsiveness and workflow design, or user interface (UI).

If you want to get success keep in mind for a successful and well-designed app lunch, a proper user interface, careful placing of buttons, high image resolution and supreme user experience required.

#2 Wrong App Ideas and Poor Execution

Most people think that their app ideas are outstanding but they forget great ideas in theory often don’t make an app successful and great in practice.

For humans it’s natural to assume that something is unique and original only because they’ve come up with the idea in the first place. The decision to launch an app should be start with a research. Is there a market and audience for the app you are going to develop? Who are your competitors? Would people want to use this type of app that you are going to build? And is the idea defined well enough to be executed?

If you are thinking to build an app without doing proper planning and research, defining the audience, and strategizing use cases and features that will appeal to that audience, you may find that you build a project you think people will want, and when in reality they don’t.

Important truth: Most apps are poorly researched and badly executed. Sorry. It’s easy to think that customers will love your app, but can you justify it?

#3 Premature Proper Monetization Strategy:

Most people think that when they will design and develop an application, they will market it get visitors and regular downloads and subscription and customers and make a fortune. Don’t you?

But the important truth is that a large number of app owner never goes beyond point #2. Even if you do the great design, development, and marketing right, but you still need a well-planned monetization strategy.

According to Gartner report, only 0.01% of mobile applications will be considered financially successful by 2018. Yet, the most common reason why most mobile apps fail financially is that their owners can’t monetize them properly.

What’s a best way of making money on an app apart from making it paid? I am not saying paid apps are not making money they do but research shows that free apps doing better than paid.

Consider two things:

• Freemium;

• Ads.

We all know that people won’t pay for your app if they have no idea what it’s about or can easily find one with similar features for free.

You should build best monetization strategy around providing maximum value and best user experience. Never guess any strategy, do your own research and download the top competitors’ apps and reverse engineer their idea.

As a user point of view you should figure out what you like and what you hate, which features you like most and ready to pay for, and which you’re not. And offer the best part of your application for free to get loyal customers. When your app begins gaining downloads and installation momentum and getting more customers, here’s where you should fire up your monetization plan.

#4 Poor App Marketing Strategy:

Mobile app marketing plays a very important role from small entrepreneurs to large multinational brands. Effective app marketing taking your business to great heights. Without a strong marketing strategy even the best product and services will fail on this very high crowded market. Most Apps are fail due to poor app marketing because most developer spent all money and effort on development phase that’s why they lack to reach out to new users. And in most cases app startups that fail to often use all their resources in developing and executing the app, but completely miss the marketing process which in turn makes the app fail in a short time.

There are a lot of free marketing tools available that small business and startup can use for example Twitter, Facebook, email marketing, snap chat etc.

There are other some of the reason of app failure may Poor Management Team, Too early to market, Starved of customer feedback, Product Problems, Heavy Reliance On Debt Funding, etc.

#5 Improper Testing:

Testing seems pretty easy but it is very rare that an app will be built without any sort of bug. Do you know it is estimated that 44% of bugs are found by end users and 24% from direct feedback and 20% from reviews in app store.

To avoid such a situation, making sure you test properly before shipping can ensure there are no major issues. It is important you do a well-structured testing of your app before you launch it.

#6 No one knows it exists:

Yeah! You develop an app and very excited to launch it but who knows your app is launch. You have to tell and reach to your potential customer to know them that you have launch an outstanding app in app store don’t rely on your app to sell itself. Believe me, there are various way free and paid ways to put your app out there. Believe in the app, share the app with their connections, and mention it to every customer.

Supercharge you marketing plans and take action to ask managers to lead the way and ask people to download and test app free of cost and share on social media and pay few offer to app users.

#7 Lack of consistency:

There are different operating system and devices if an app not work well across on various devices and OS users become frustrated and uninstalled your app. This is biggest cause of app failure that when an app works on the iPhone, but not on their iPad, for example. An app developer should update and test his app from time to time and ensure that the app works on all device and OS. Just like many of the developers need to test web on Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox, we know we need to test apps across iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry to ensure the consistency of maximum performance.

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