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5 tips on how to carry out building extension jobs

5 tips on how to carry out building extension jobs

Thursday September 28, 2017,

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Building Extensions London, Croydon

Building Extensions London, Croydon

Are you planning to do building extension work? Renovating or extending your home is among the significant investments you can make in your life. It means that you need to ensure proper preparations and supervision is done on your project. The result will be a professional job that meets the highest standards and local building codes. The best way to start is by knowing which rear building extensions to consider. In this informative guide, we’ll look at 5 factors to consider.

1. Hire a Certifier

When planning to start the building extension work, make sure that you seek the input of a certifier, for example, an architect, building engineer or surveyor. Ensure that the builder doesn’t begin the construction work until the certifier has inspected the site, and given the go ahead.

There are numerous reasons why you need the work to be inspected by a certifier among them being that you need to follow building regulations or if you intend to sell your house in future.

These professionals ensure that the correct details are followed, for example, the foundation set up, ventilation and insulation, structural strength and damp proofing. Consider hiring the certifier yourself, rather than letting the builder do the hiring.


The quote specifies several details including the materials to be used, payment stages, timeframe and the rear extension work. Ensure that the quote has sections that indicate how previous jobs were done, and the building contractor’s references, qualifications, tax clearance and insurance cover.

3. Remember That Low Bids May Be an Indication of Poor Quality Work

You may be tempted to choose building services that offer below-market quotes. What you should remember is that you may end up getting unsatisfactory results. Make sure that you ask for case studies of the builder’s previous jobs. It will enable you to have an idea of the kind of services that the contractor provides.

4. Ask For Proof of Insurance

As the property owner, you’ll be liable for unfortunate injuries or damage to your property if you hire someone without insurance. It means that you should ask for proof of insurance cover from the builder.

Keep in mind that contractors with insurance covers provide you with the security of mind that you’re hiring reputable services. On the other hand, unqualified builders won’t provide you with proof of coverage.

5. Avoid Making Whole Payments Before the Extension Job Is Complete

Make sure that agree to pay in installments as the work progresses. For the final installment, consider making it after a qualified certifier has inspected the finished project. These measures ensure that you only pay for quality renovation work.


Carrying out building extension jobs should be easy using the above tips. Remember to ask for written estimates to prevent future payment disputes and enable you to plan your budget. Make sure that the builder begins the rear extension job only after the certifier inspects the site and gives the go ahead.