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School Adoption

I have adopted a government school in harthi for the past 5 years. 

Thursday March 02, 2017,

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Hi Guys ,

The story is about how easy the process can be to adopt a government school and maintain it .It was summer of 2011 ,when i wanted to give back something to the society . I met the principal of Harthi Primary School in Magadi . He suggested me to adopt the school . I immediately took the oppurtunity and signed the MOU with the School . In the due course of 5 years ,I along with friends have completed the below things .

1) Construction of bathrooms for girls and boys 

2)Painting of the school

3)Distribution of books, stationary every year 

4) Having sports and painting competetions regularly .

5)Setting up science lab , library 

6) celebrating festivals with kids 

7) teaching them core values and subjects during weekends


Sandeep R