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Importance of inner beauty

Importance of inner beauty

Tuesday September 19, 2017,

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Looking beautiful is a desire of almost every individual living on this planet. Emphasis on the word ‘Looking’ in the previous statement. Looking beautiful depends on others and not on our own selves. To understand this, you will have to consider the concept of beauty. There is a famous quote which goes something like this,

Beauty Lies in the eyes of the Beholder’

What this quote is trying to say is that unless you are considered beautiful by the people/society looking at you, you will not be considered beautiful. This is because society has set certain standards of beauty that are followed by most of the population.

These standards are also responsible for creating a sort of frustration/personality complex among the people that fail to meet these standards. This is why inner beauty is important. But what is inner beauty, to be exact? A lot of people come up with excuses when they are approached with the concept of inner beauty. Either these people don’t have an idea of what inner beauty exactly is or they just don’t understand the importance of inner beauty for overall health. As a result, people often base their lives on the wrong notion of beauty.

Inner beauty can be classified into two main categories: Physical and Mental. Physical inner beauty involves the improvement of physical health from the inside. It involves improvements of the bodily systems that aren’t visible from the outside. Mental inner beauty involves the goodness and purity of the thoughts. We see others as we see ourselves. Therefore, to improve the perception of our world, we need to first take control of our own thoughts. Only then can an individual be truly beautiful. A good combination of the physical inner beauty and mental inner beauty can give better fulfillment and health.

Following are some advantages that can give you an idea of why inner beauty is more important:

Inner Beauty enhances your External Beauty

A lot of people focus on their external beauty and since they do not take any efforts for internal beauty, appear hollow from the inside.

Inner Beauty doesn’t have an expiry date

Unlike external beauty that is dependent on your biological appearance, inner beauty has the potential to keep getting better with age.

Inner Beauty is the strength of relationships

Inner beauty is what helps to build the bonds between people as bonds built with external beauty never last.

Inner Beauty = Inner Peace

Inner Beauty makes a person more peaceful. Therefore, it can automatically help in reducing violence in the world. This is one advantage that justifies why inner beauty is important.

Emotional Connection

People with inner beauty are well-connected to their emotions. They are, therefore, better decision makers and thinkers.

Moral Compass

Inner beauty helps you differentiate right from wrong as a strong mental inner beauty can differentiate better between the ethical and the unethical.

Inner Beauty is comparatively cheaper

External beauty depends on a number of expensive products and treatments which can burn a hole in the pocket. Comparatively, attaining internal beauty is much cheaper as it main involves lifestyle changes, home remedies and aligning of an individual’s thoughts.


Finally, inner beauty gives you the confidence to face the world and its problems, which is something far greater than the standards that had been set by the society.

The other thing about inner beauty  is that it can’t be judged. An individual can always be judged or questioned on his/her looks and beauty methods. There will always be someone who has a problem with your decision or your appearance. However, inner beauty is something that will always receive praise from people. Keeping the opinions of people aside, developing your inner beauty will also give you your own sense of self-worth and help your body in achieving harmony and proper functioning with its bodily systems. An individual will always have to keep a balance with the opinion of others and his/her own approval of his life. Bringing in too much of someone else’s opinion might pose a problem in maintaining your inner beauty.

Amazing health benefits can be experienced by a person who truly works on all aspects of their inner beauty.

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