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Birth of DEADS

Wednesday January 11, 2017,

2 min Read

Where are we going?

Everyday we are seeing new products are popping up either from a start up or from a tech giants and a young age Architect, CTO and Product Managers are also coming up in parallel.

What happened to the senior technology geeks and database experts who used to curate the world of data?

Giants like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe still believe in the old way of functioning and they still have positions like DBA, Architect and Product Management is limited to seniors folks who have seen years of winter and summer in software industry. Data used to be important factor for conceptualization of any new product, but today its becoming the “NEED”. Importance of Data has moved from Administration to Prediction. Similarly the folks are also aligning them from Administration to Innovation and Execution.

Are we bridging the GAP?

Of course, the mindset has changed a lot and there are no more hierarchy depends on years of experience and skills limited to your profile. Young guys are coming up with new ways to innovate and function and Seniors are learning fast the new trends and bridging the gap to deliver better.

Freshers are no more treated as naive and they are equally important and shaking hands with all senior folks which is a good sign for the future and technology.

Time has come where young guys are learning process and experience from seniors and seniors are learning the demand of the market and helps them to keep updated with the genre.

Surprising Move

Most surprising move is the “Birth of DEADS”, most important function of industry, Database, is re-shaping towards more focused and optimized solution with the help of enhanced technology and intelligent minds as "Data Engineer And Data Scientist - DEADS”.

With the increase in the number of internet users and spreading awareness towards the technology solution, more and more users are coming on-board fueling billions of data.

Organizations are forced to look into these data, analyze them and come out with more intelligent solution, which gives “Birth of DEADS”.