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All you need to know to buy the best hot air brush

Hot Air Brushes are brushes that fulfill the purpose of a blow drier and hair styling brush in one.

Sunday August 13, 2017,

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Hot Air Brushes are brushes that fulfill the purpose of a blow drier and hair styling brush in one. They are so perfectly efficient that if you try them once, you will want to throw your age old hair straighter and other styling equipment away! These have chords that connect them with electricity and have different heating options for multiple hair styling. If you ask an expert hairdresser, there's a good chance they will tell you the hot air brush is one of their preferred hair styling tools. This is mainly because of their versatility. It blows warm air out from the middle of the curved brush barrel. You are basically drying and styling your hair at the same time. Visit www.hotairbrushly.com to know more about its features.

Most hot hair brushes have an ionic generator that gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural, radiant look by sealing the hair cuticles and reducing frizziness and knotting. Unlike the flat burnt look of the ironed hair, these give your hair natural and frizz free look which is easy to manage.

Things to consider while buying a hot air brush

• Always look for high-density nano comb brush if you have curly hair. These help in managing frizzy hair in minutes. Not only that, it also gives a massaging effect that nourishes the hair follicles.

• We all have different hair type. Therefore always look for more heating options as it will help you in managing your hair properly. For instance, 150 degree is suitable for thin hair whereas 230-degree centigrade is needed for wavy or curled.

Most Hot Air Brush reviews talk only about the straightening quality of the brushes. But they are not capable of working only as a straightener. They can work as dryer or curler as well. The best thing about these is they don’t have rubber tips, thus no more tangling with hair and causing hair fall. These are also equipped with an anti-scald design which ensures no burning fingers or injured scalp.

Some points to remember before using them

• Brush your hair properly before starting the process. Your hair should be absolutely tangle-free.

• Divide your hair into small portions so that you can easily work on a particular section.

• While brushing with your hot air brush, avoid speeding up or slowing down too much as both can damage your hair.

• Always keep a good-quality hair protection gel or oil at hand to use on your newly styled hair. Expert hot air brush reviews are always stressing the importance of this step.

These brushes create body, volume, and soft curls while your hair's original shine is perfectly reserved. Also, the barrel has a lock feature that allows these brushes to be used for hot-setting. When using this brush, just round up a portion of your hair around the barrel and lock it. Let the heat seep through your hair for a few seconds. After that just unlock it and your hair would have transformed into a perfect curl. You can also try giving your wavy or curly hair, a straight frizz free look.