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Why there is a growing demand for Uber like on demand service apps

Why there is a growing demand for Uber like on demand service apps

Tuesday April 18, 2017,

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We live in a crazy world; I am saying crazy because it is so fast paced and yet we are keeping up with it, or at least trying to. How do we go about keeping up with this fast-paced life? The secret weapon is mobile applications.

The introduction of smartphones and mobile applications has totally changed the way we do things today. In fact thanks to this amazing invention we are able to keep our sanity in this fast paced world. Today whether it is a holiday that you want to book, or maybe treat your family to a special takeaway, or even get a beauty treatment at short notice, we can all this and more thanks to that wonderful gadget that has literally become part of our wardrobe. The need for such Uber-like app for on-demand services is increasing by the hour so that our lives can be made more comfortable and we have that peace of mind that a specific task has been completed, thanks to the app.


The Crazy ERA of On Demand Apps

The whole idea of on-demand apps was created by Uber. The concept was created to supply a demand that was existent, using smart technology. Of course Uber was all about looking for and booking a ride instantaneously from wherever you are and whenever you want. However, this concept created a revolution in every service industry and now there is an app for almost every service.

This industry has also given birth to a lot of entrepreneurs who are dabbling their hands in this business and trying to be the next Uber. Today there is an app for beauty services, a tutor, a mechanic, a plumber, food delivery, well as I said almost every service, all this just with a tap on the app.

What makes an on demand service successful

For any on demand app to be successful, the following points need to be noted:


The gap that I talk about here is one that is causing people problems. For example, a car washing app may not be as successful as a laundry one because not everyone wants their car washed every day but you know for sure that everyone needs their laundry done. So if you are looking to invest in an app make sure that you identify a lucrative gap in the market and target it. Here the question of supply and demand also comes into play. The Uber taxi business became an overnight hit because it had identified a gap in the market, a gap that had never been explored.


Ask yourself if the service you intend to provide to the mass is convenient or not. Uber technology made searching and booking a taxi convenient. Time also plays a huge factor here. A quick way of getting a taxi and reaching a destination had been discovered.

Uber has delivered convenience on all counts:

- Decision– Fast and easy to choose a cab

- Access – Easy and fast to get a cab

- Payment – Fast and easy way of payment, completely automated

- Benefit – Fast and easy to use

- Post benefit convenience – Making it fast and easy to re-request the services again

Other must-have conveniences that every on demand app should have, no matter what service you providing include:

 Live tracking facility – It gives the customers great satisfaction to track their service in real time, whether it is a cab or a service. It kind of gives them a sort of a control or honestly put, they feel that they have some sort of control. When they see their service provider moving on the screen it gives customers great satisfaction that their custom is being valued and they, therefore, trust these services.

Automated payment – Cashless is convenient. This is one facility that gets top marks for any on-demand service app. Users can pay with their payment cards without feeling the financial pinch. It gives them the false security that they got a “free” service because no physical cash changed hands.

Reviews and ratings – There is no better way to market a product than by word of mouth. Customers look at ratings and reviews before they purchase a product. If they are happy with the product they will say so and if they are unhappy you are sure that they will definitely say that too. These reviews and feedback create trust between the clients and the service provider. This theory applies to on-demand service apps too.


The other point that you need to take into account includes getting suppliers on board. Once you have identified your consumers you need to get good service providers who will do the job efficiently for you.

Remember although you are running a digital business, it can only be run efficiently when you have hard working bodies doing the deliveries for you.


Before any service provider comes on board, make sure you set the ground rules so they know exactly what they are getting into. Things like the impact it will have on the service provider if the client cancels at the time of delivery should be addressed beforehand.

These are a few of the many points that you need to take into account before investing in the on demand Uber for X. To get your ideal app, it is a good idea to do some window shopping and get in touch with a good developer to deliver your cause. 

You can rest assured that your business will never go under because we are living in an on-demand era and if we don’t move with the times then we will surely perish. The time is right to start your own business with the on demand service apps.