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    By Abhishek Chauhan|24th Oct 2016
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    Wardrobe essentials are those separates and dresses we lean on a little more than others. A women's white shirt is one of those icons. Seldom do separates have the immense potential of a blank slate, as is the case with a women's white shirt. Dress it up, dress it down, or wear one as is, you can never go wrong. offer the same versatility and lend equal elegance.

    In cool cotton, soft silk or dreamy satin, white shirts for women channel sheer elegance without you having to do anything! Simple yet elegant, a women's white shirt provides a pulled together look in a heartbeat.There is really no one way to don this closet staple. Of course, nothing dispels the notion that a white shirt and blue denims look perfectly polished, always. But consider the women's white shirt with modern updates now. Think of refreshing new ways to wear this staple to keep it updated.The styling possibilities are infinite and we've listed seven to start your week with. Take note.



    When it comes to white shirts for women, a pussy bow blouse in pure white is good place to start. Lending flair with a chic pussy bow at the neck and elegant full sleeves, it adds a shine to Mondays. Pair shiny jewels like a statement necklace under the pussy bow for instant confidence. To offset the feminine vibe slightly, you can even roll up the sleeves to your elbows for a sweet androgynous look.


    White button down shirt<br>

    White button down shirt

    We love giving Tuesdays little flair every now and then. Layer your white button down like an airy jacket over a white or fellow pastel hued dress to add an effortless layer to your look. Cinch your look with a flattering belt that hugs you perfectly for a lovely finish.


    White ruffle shirts<br>

    White ruffle shirts

    Give midweek blues a fun spin on Wednesdays with an updated white shirt. White shirts with details lend an instant update and make styling them so much more fun. Be unpredictable and turn your favourite white shirt around. This one, since it has a billowy vintage ruffle on the back looks charming as the ruffle takes centre stage when turned around.


    White sleeveless shirts<br>

    White sleeveless shirts

    Your classic white sleeveless shirt also makes for that closet staple. Gear up for the weekend on Thursdays by throwing on a breezy scarf over your sleeveless shirt for an airy-chic finish. Also, when wearing a white shirt and choosing accessories, reach for co-pastel pieces to keep the sorbet vibe going. Layer and love every look you update with the flick of a scarf. Choose fellow pastel scarves to complement your white shirt just perfectly.


    White cotton sleep shirt<br>

    White cotton sleep shirt

    A women's white shirt can also mean her sleep shirt. Give casual Fridays something to talk about with your sleep shirt. This needn't be a tricky look to master. Since your sleep shirt will most probably have an anti-fit silhouette, you want to pair it with tailored pants or a pencil skirt to cut a polished picture. Half tuck it and take it out of the house or wear it over a tank like a billowing cape; the possibilities are endless.


    White chinese collar shirt<br>

    White chinese collar shirt

    Take your white shirt errand-hopping with you by pairing shorts (a nice deep colour looks lovely) and comfy Keds. Our weekend favourite is a white high low shirt as it spells relaxed to the hilt and keeps you genuinely comfortable through the day. Looking chic while ticking tasks off your errand list on Saturdays just became a reality!


    Ruffle shirts <br>

    Ruffle shirts

    Laid-back Sundays just need an equally laid-back outfit. Layer and knot a shirt over a simple tank for a relaxed look and pair flare pants for added ease. A popped collar and a messy knot are synonymous with a relaxed Sunday. Do both with a classic white shirt and you're officially best-day-of-the-week ready!