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How to choose beard oil for growth

Over the years, there have been several discussions about beard oils and why they are essential which in fact has led to the increase in the purchase and sale of beard oil worldwide. It is, however, important to consider some factors when it comes to choosing beard oil. This article is aimed at enlightening new users as the focus will be on how to choose beard oil while also making sure that you know your beard oil well before making a choice.

How to choose beard oil for growth

Saturday August 05, 2017,

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What Beard Oil is

Beard oils are specially made oils for maintaining beards as well the skin surrounding it. The oil is effectively good for beards as it moisturizes it and it is also good for the skin as it gives it a healthy look. The beard can only grow effectively if the skin is fully hydrated and well-nourished with healthy pores.

There are several varieties of oils available for sale in the market both good and bad which is why it is important to know your beard oil well before making any choice. There are several uncommon mixtures of ingredients which are found in many beard oils but it becomes somehow difficult to just choose one or any beard oil without learning about the basics of the major components of beard oils which are essential and carrier oils.

Carrier Oils

These are the major oils that have a higher concentration in the mixture of most beard oils and they carry the essential oils which are why they are referred to as carrier oils. These oils are known to have such ingredients like Argan, jojoba, sweet almond, hemp seed, and coconut. In many beard oil mixture, these often the major oils that are found in random combinations and they are also commonly found in many hair and skin care products as they are well known to have properties they are suitable for moisturizing and softening.

Essential Oils

These are the oils that make the beard oil complete. Usually, beard oils are often made up of varieties of essential oils depending on the kind of properties or scents that the manufacturer tends to achieve. Essential oils include tea tree, sandalwood, lemon, eucalyptus, cedar wood and lime oils which are the major ingredients that contribute to the scents of the beard oil or for minerals or extra vitamins. Too much of essential oils can lead to skin irritation since they are often derived from citric fruits which are acidic and aggressive. Thus, very little drops of essential oils are added to beard oils, unlike carrier oils.

Beard oils are especially important for several reasons such as reducing itchiness, makes beard more manageable and softer in nature. These are few but the major reasons why beard oils are necessary.

Before choosing which beard oil is good or bad for you, knowing how it is used can also influence your choice and help you choose better.

Using Beard Oil

The quantity of beard oil to apply depends solely on the length of the beards because of the quantity of oil increases as the length of the beard increases. Beard oils can simply be applied by doing a few drops to the palm, rub the palm and fingers together and then work slowly and softly on the beard, skin, and mustache. It is also very possible and much easier to apply the oil on the beard directly and then rub it with your hands or comb through with either a comb or a brush. In this case, a boar bristle brush is the most advisable brush to use in applying the oils because the brush is made from natural hair which indicates that the oils will be evenly distributed across the beard length and also retain the oil effectively. Applying beard oil can be done either in the morning before bathing or in the night before you sleep.

In conclusion, with all that has been said about beard oils, the ingredients and the application. Choosing beard oil suitable for your beard should not be a problem anymore although the following factors must be put into consideration:

1. The Size of the beard oil: This is a very critical factor and it is advisable to choose the smallest size if you're buying for the first time just to be sure the oil is suitable for your beard with no allergies.
2. The Length of the beard: It is very important that you consider the length of your beard before choosing any beard oil because longer beards requires more beard oils.
3. The Availability of the beard oil: The availability of the beard oil is also important. You don't want to choose beard oil that won't be available when next you need it.
4. The Ingredients in the beard oil: Putting into consideration the ingredients in a beard oil is also an important factor so as to avoid any harmful effects from using a beard oil that contains an ingredient that you are allergic to.
5. The Brand of the beard oil: It is often better to choose one of the most popular brands if you are trying beard oil for the first time just so you can be rest assured that the product has be well tested and proven to be safe for use.
6. The price of the beard oil: Lastly, the price of the beard oil is also considerable, thus avoid buying very cheap beard oils for no other reason than safety.

With all the aforementioned, we hope this article has given you more enlightenment to find out best beard oil for growth beard.