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World Is Crashing

Monday January 30, 2017,

3 min Read

Hi all.

Our Climate in general is crashing.

In last few years so many News reports on cities and countries around the world, having floods, electrical issues, pipe issues, building falling to the ground, lives are finding there ill a lot more, and weather changes are outrageous all over the world, and so much more. Its worse now then ever. The ground is cracking across the world, and construction has been out of control.

Poverty is a huge issue, and becoming out of hand. Though our Governments are working on these issues , they have had questions on how to get it done due to money issues.

I believe Money will always be a issue, and it is time we start thinking about making it about doing something about lives, and creating a better way for our climate to be healthy , and stable.

The earth can only take so much.

Believe it or not the earth cries out to its creator , due to the issues on it created by mankind . The earth is a living vessel , that is alive , and feels things.

The earth feels the results coming from mankind, and when we make the wrong decisions and cause issues, the earth feels it.

The earth has enough room to hold mankind, but it does not have enough strength to hold bricks.

It has no room for unlawful decision making , that causes our earth to crack, and for our live stock to perish, for our weather to be out of control , it can not handle this kind of heavy duty pressures .

God created our earth to hold live stock, people and living things.

Building is fine, but how much we build on it , needs to be maintained. What we put on it has limited capacity Levels.

We need to think about that.

We need to make our world about saving lives, and Climates. Killing our climate through cutting down tree's and building so many heavy bricks is not the way.

Mankind has become very lazy.

There always looking for the easy ways out.

Technology has made mankind lazy, and created issues to our world.

I am not saying Technology updates are bad, they definitely have there benefits but it has gone out of control.

Mankind has gone too far, in technology .

We need to use our God given abilities and Talents, to go back a little, work hard, plant, and nurture our earth, with our hands, feet and labor a little more in order to take care of our earth.

Animals have a right to live and breath, just as much as mankind does.

Our earth needs room to breath and we have taken that right from them and it, buy making bad decisions.

To save money and prosper we need less building, less excuses.less makes more money produced.

We need to prosper and grow , and we can use our wisdom, but we have used it in a way that has caused destruction to our world.

We need to Think about all that.

Lets work together and restore lives, live stock, and our Climate.