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Challenge to build a high-performance team

Tuesday March 13, 2018,

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An individual alone cannot run a certain business. An effective and efficient teamwork instils business operations smoothly. Considering the competency of a team has your thoughts ever trolled over the relevance of having an efficient performance team within your business enterprise?

High-Performance workforce or team is a set of highly focused business people who have determined to achieve superior business results by generating consistent collaboration and innovation in their task performance. 

By identifying few sets of an efficient people from highly performed team helps a business organization in building their Navratna’s who in turn facilitates growth and productivity of the business. While there are many challenges which impact the efficiency of a team:

1. Employees’ Interaction

Richard Branson said, “Train your employees’ well enough and treat them well enough so that they don’t want to leave your organization”.

 Employees are not just working as a professional people for the organization they are comprised of emotional, intellectual and physical experiences. Leaders must emphasize on a holistic approach in order to evolve the employees both professionally and personally. Human resource practices should serve as a hand holding support and facilitate discussions or offer training as and when required.

2. Talent progression

In order to build a talent progression create an organizational structure for your employees which defines their career path. Leaders are highly responsive to nurture the growth and performance of their employees. Create a scoreboard of employees’ tasks to evaluate their level of performance. Appreciate and recognize employees who have outperformed their tasks and provide hand hold support to others who could not meet the standards.

3. Encourage internal promotions

You should focus on building your team efforts from internal organization first instead of hiring new ones. When you promote your employees internally it increases their confidence and ultimately leads to business productivity. Hiring new employee as a Helicopter landing for a higher position can create insecurities and disappointment among existing employees.

4. Transparency in communication

For bringing transparency to your organization there must be open glass door policy. There should be no place for conspiracies and favouritism within the firm. Conspiracies breed insecurities among the employees thus creating a culture of transparency helps in building up their confidence and ownership level towards their tasks. Openness encourages the inclusion of people by entertaining diversified ideas from the employees.

5. People like to win

People like to win in their life, give your employees chance to prove themselves. Perform a competency mapping for your employees so that you are able to give them work according to their competencies. If you try to put your employees in the work where they do not have the required skills they will fail and once the employee gets a taste of failure he will leave the place at the earliest.

6. Feeling of significance

Retaining existing employees is challenging for any organization. By involving the employees’ inputs, it creates a feeling of significance which is directly proportional to commitment; the higher their involvement, higher their commitment towards work. If you will inform your employees they will not be committed whereas if you involve your employees they will be highly committed. Employees should be considered for their contribution to the business irrespective of their level of contribution.

7. Nurturing the skills of existing employees

Make a framework for competency mapping of employees which can be measured with the help of timely progress chart. Leaders must take initiative to multiply the growth and development of employees which enhances loyalty, engagement and ultimately their performance towards tasks.

What’s more, employees’ engagement is a good practice to achieve a myriad of various benefits dedicated towards organizational development. Recognizing the accomplishments and efforts of key assets of the firm called Navratna’s supports the organization in fostering overall growth development.