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Are you a new founder struggling with a lack of technical skills? These hacks will make your life easy (....er)

Lack of technical skills should not be a hindrance between you, and the materialization of your business idea. Check out these services which allow you to do quite a lot, even  without the presence of a Technical Co-founder. 

Are you a new founder struggling with a lack of technical skills? These hacks will make your life easy (....er)

Monday September 18, 2017,

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So many startups start however, only a very few manage it to make it though the first few days or weeks. Data stipulates that of the 100 startups that first take off, merely 10 make it to the point where their founders can safely proclaim themselves as their CEOs, without attracting a whole host of rolling eyes. Now I am not going to argue about the veracity of the data. In fact, 85 in 100 may fail, or even 95 out of 100.

The point which can be established either way is that a dismally large number of companies fail before even taking off. And while there can be all sorts of reasons that are capable of causing what at first glance seemed like an idea bound for fame and fortune to fail, a lack of technology is one of the biggest reasons around.

A company has a lot of elements. From advertising, to marketing, to strategy, to building the initial product........I could go on and on. And in the initial days when its just the co-founders (and a couple of others), everyone may find themselves juggling half a dozen hats. The divisions of responsibility into different groups and departments comes much later in the company's cycle.

However, there usually is a team working dedicatedly upon the tech portion. After all, even if the project is not particularly tech intensive, most companies do require a functional website and mobile application. This is exactly where the difference between a technical and non-technical founder comes to the fore. For a technical founder who is well versed in the field, creating a website and/or mobile application should not create too much of trouble. But what happens when you are a non-technical co-founder with just an idea, and nothing to convert it into? 

For a non-technical founder without the aid of a technical co-founder, things can get south very quickly indeed. After all, many people had probably thought of a service that would bring them a rented car for one hour, for two, and so on. However, Travis Kalanick and company managed to create what everyone else just thought and give it the shape of website, along with also scaling it into the most valuable startup in the world. 

You can do something similar of course, And you don't even need to hunt for a technical co-founder, In this article, we are giving you a look at some fantastic tips and tricks of the trade that can help you forget that you are not a coding whiz. Of course, if you are creating a tech intensive product from scratch -- well then, the product is going to be your business and you should not go scrimpy there, and probably get a technical co-founder along with a regular tech team. However, if like millions of businesses operating out there, your product too makes use of pre existing technology, you can probably save yourself a lot of effort and at least set your feet firmly upon a path you can follow, by simply using the tools listed below.

Once you are through with this article, you will lean how to use the tools we are talking about, and learn exactly how these tools can help you in the initial days of your budding business. 

Want a website, here you go?

Websites are of course in perpetual demand, and as such you will most likely make one for your business and, your company, unless of course you are working on some super secret project for the Illuminati . With the following tools, create your own websites and say goodbye to complicated languages like Java, HTML and CSS. Go check them out now!



Need a mobile app, here:

Mobile applications are the new big thing. Mobiles are eventually going to overwhelm every other means of content consumption and communication, and the time is going to come sooner rather than later. Already, more people use a smartphone to access the web as compared to desktops. However, the scales are expected to continue tipping and as such, mobile are expected to be completely . Make sure your business has a presence in places which are going to matter.



Need some temporary employees?

Startups usually have a lot of work, but not many people to do it. As such, you can consider using platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, to get curated, quality employees on a temporary, project by project basis. This way, your workers are not sitting idle most of the time and you have employees with the kind of talent you want to have them.



Need a virtual meeting room?

Are you a company with just 3 employees, or have you already grown to the strengths of several hundred? Whatever the case, you need a common ground tool. And you can find it easily at either BaseCamp or Slack.



Marketing tools anyone?

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. With the following services, market your product's to your heart's content.


Social Media Websites

Now these applications/website/tools aren't really a substitute for a full fledged team of developers working for you, but with them, you can actually start doing quite a lot before you feel the need to get yourself a technical Co-founder. Do try them and drop in your experiences in the comments.

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