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The exaggerated Curriculum Vitae

I am sorry, you are not selected for this job

Thursday October 13, 2016,

5 min Read

Have you been using LinkedIn, Twitter, and probably Facebook (for business) lately? Then, you ought to have confronted to a ‘New Thing You See That Day’ kind of thing. You bump into any profile and you see dozens of skills, courses learned and plenty of experiences penned down in all the social media. You virtually face-off extraordinary somebody who haven’t met you still but already have made a lot of encroachment into your head about them.

“It’s not your resume but the talent that matters.”

This slogan will extinct soon. Why? Let us comprehend it in detail:

Caution- Below content might demotivate or demoralize you, in fact, I have sarcastically shown how normal jobs/skills are out of fashion.

In other simple words, “Let us all welcome the super-humans in our workplaces’. Today, we hear a lot of,

“Oh, Poor guy/girl is having just one degree and almost no hipster hobby. Look at his/her LinkedIn profile. Not an influencer, I bet he/she would not impress anyone from his/her visibility.”

Rejected. Ooops !! I am sorry, you are not selected for this job.

Behind the curtains- “We have found a human-like-robot who can do 10 task at a time and handle 20 other ‘Human-ic Robot’ simultaneously.”

You open any social networking website and all you find out is fancy profile decorated with a high-powered skill set. Some of the heavyweight personas enunciate many of the following in Combo or Triplets-

CEO & Co-Founder of XYZ, Chief Content Officer of X, Entrepreneur and Connector. Associate Social Producer, Audience Development. Fashion editor, stylist, small businessman, author and filmmaker. An avid traveler, alternative-music buff, voracious reader, art lover, red wine enthusiast. Comedy writer and Business Development Manager.”

Wait, wait..There are more. Let’s see the merger of passion and hobby into professionalism (as if they can rap a song while marketing). A rapper, Bibliophile. Digital Marketer, Guitarist, and Wanderer. Doodle Dabbler / Pacifistic Soccer. Architect, Painter, and Singer. Social Strategist and Philanthropist. Coder, Marathon Runner, Gamer, and Blogger. Journalist, Anchor and Motivational Speaker. Angel Venture Capitalist, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of blah,blah,blah. Advocate, sleep evangelist and mobile application developer.

It’s like every particular skill set is customized and any moment or movement you do is represented as accomplishments. I would personally be biased about this since the fear of this ‘Exaggeration’ has affected me when I would begin showing off my Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profile (Though I have legit achievements) but who would you trust if the shown is real or not? Thus, the Social Media, under the vast category of Digital World, is deflowering the authenticity and genuineness that has sustained hard to prevail.

I am waiting for that day when someone’s resume will read “Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer and Pursuing degree in psychology.” (Psychology- may be to comprehend the vicious cycle of the today’s job seeking scenario). Or, he will have to go for ‘Doctorate in Philosophy’ too, to grab the gist of what is all going on in this LinkedIn and Twitter-oriented earth.

Education, practical skills, online courses, degrees in the special course of study, etc. are losing its importance and every single person in the town is doing it. It is going to create a huge problem, isn’t it? Today, the combination of the technically and non-technically adept employee is a must whereas there was a time when an individual was proficient in a particular field so he would be appointed directly to that specific department, performing the anticipated tasks. Time has changed; the play-script quite diverges because a job seeker is expected to have 1–2 special skills and another 2–3 miscellaneous but mandatory skills.

The new trendsetting is that if you don’t encounter the amalgamation of a vivacious, vivid and versatile soul then it’s a cliche. You better go and acquire some if you are an expert in just one subject. The trending criteria of selecting a candidate is so naive that sometimes the most talented prospect would not get the opportunity to dominate the seat/position which is well-deserved to the former. That is sad.

Are the individual’s capacity and capability enhanced drastically? Or, is it just an exaggerated circus of curriculum vitae? Whatever it is, the day doesn’t seem too far when the recruitment wouldn’t be niche tailored or skill pointed. That assumption appears horrific to me; bluntly, we have become judgmental regarding our digital world and evaluate anything and everything based on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Twitter prototype.

Seriously, I had a chuckle at some of these points even though I do enjoy a good hipster cafe but coming back to the point of discussion, I earnestly believe that if underestimation of the ‘Human Skills’ doesn’t stop, then there can be some high-risk consequences business communities will face soon. I mean, come on, we are human, we have IQ and EQ, but not everyone will have 190 IQ score and utmost EQ.

It’s hard to know what one is supposed to be in the digital world. No one self-identifies with it, so it unquestionably becomes a code word (A well-founded code to decode).

Is there any solution?

Not until the screening and recruiting process is skeptical and baffling. Ex: If you want to hire a mobile app developer (obviously for mobile app development company), then there is no need to check if he can rap a song or play piano and guitar; it’s irrelevant to check the hipster skills he/she possess.

Well, there is no doubt about that we are moving towards “Hipster’s Era” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it must be applied the same everywhere.

“When you have a sexy beard like this, people just take you very seriously. Don’t worry, Dude. Keep KEWL (COOL). You will be selected.”

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