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Sending Rakhi to UK this festive season

Sending Rakhi to UK this festive season

Friday June 30, 2017,

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Since Rakhi 2017 date is in the neighboring month, sisters would stopover at various outlets for finding rakhis. While brothers start fetching the best rakhi gifts for sister. 7th August, is the day when not only Hindus but also other religions celebrate this day. With the passing ages, technologies have advanced and so buying rakhis gifts and rakhi online is now effortless.

Rakhi 2017 Sale

Rakhi trends have changed as years passed by. Like the other fashion trends, even this rakhi trend had faded out. These used to be simple threads with a potli at the top. These rakhis can be used for daily purpose. Premium category for middle age men includes dull color and rust finish rakhis that are known to have an antique finish. Apart from this, in some of the designs, zircons were used with the blend of antique finish. The spiritual rakhis are quite often used by Gujaratis and Banias – a Hindu caste that is an occupational community of various dealers, lenders, bankers and merchants. These are rakhi threads come along with a dial of OM, Swastik, Rudraksh and Ganesha. Off-lately, people have started opting for traditional rakhis again.


The westernized form of rakhis are sold by us on a larger scale as they are made from American diamonds, gemstones, pearls. These also include premium rakhis that are intricately designed with American Diamonds, meenakari work and stones.

Rakhis are always treasured by brothers. These rakhis include semi-precious rakhis that are crafted from pearls and beads. The pendants of the Silver rakhis is composed of silver metal which makes up for 68%.


A sister-in-law or Bhabhi is of equal important to us like a brother. Thus, the designers submitted various designs of rakhi for Bhabhis. These are danglers that are quite trending now. Peacock being a national bird and a symbol of love, grace, joy and beauty, the makers incorporated its design in a rakhi. These rakhis are considered to be in the premium picture as they give a classic look with the exquisite designs made with the colors of peacock feather.

Rakhis have been designed keeping in mind every age group. The most prominent rakhi designs for teenagers are fluorescent color rakhis. While, on the other hand, kids rakhi are available in various designs. LED light rakhi, watch rakhi and cartoon character rakhi are primarily considered while buying kids for rakhi. In addition to this, the trend of sending a gift along with kids rakhi is also increasing.

Geographical Rakhi Cultures

With the westernized culture, people had repelled from handcrafted trends for approximately 3 years. But, a personal touch has to retain its existence sometime. Few cities in India are well-known for their creativity. Meenakari work is the specialty of Rajasthan and Jadibutti work from Calcutta is quite well-known. While Gujarat owns its peculiarity for poth/zardosi work wherein each thread is woven meticulously.