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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

Traffic signal

Self realization while waiting in signal

Thursday November 24, 2016,

4 min Read

Daily when I start from office, I have to cross atleast 3 traffic signals and each signal takes 3 to 4 minutes. In short, I have to spend at least 15 mints staring the bike and car riders around me. It will be bit hectic waiting in signal after a long tiring day in office. But it’s a regular scenario that happens every day. So in order to kill my time while waiting in signal, I was noticing others around me.

All riders around me were waiting patiently to cross the signal, some tried to cross the signal by taking wrong lane when traffic constable was busy clearing other traffic signals. Small vendor came near me and was trying to sell some biography of actors and followed by a lady begging with her sleeping kid in hand. All of a sudden a huge blaring ambulance crossed me on the other side. After change in signal, riders standing in front line crossed the signal first and reached home faster compared to others. But all standing there were meant to reach their destination, it will not be a never ending ride for them.

A spark just flashed in my mind, I was just trying to co relate the events around me in traffic signal and the life I m living. Most of us are waiting to move forward in life like many standing in a signal with red signal flashing in front of them, so before the signal changes to green if we try crossing signal we may end in a collision with a fellow driver. In life too, patience is must until we get a right moment to move forward, if we try to move forward in a hurry to reach the destiny we may collide and hurt ourselves. Aftera long wait in your carrier, if you feel you are travelling in a wrong road, feel free to change your destination.

You may see someone crossing signal by using wrong lane, he could have crossed the signal but shortcuts will never lead to success in life, you may feel no one is noticing so I m safe but there is a cost to be paid for all shortcuts. One day or the other shortcuts will lead you back to the place we started.

Small vendor gave me a sense of inspiration whenever one feels, I am working really hard but not getting paid what I deserve but the vendor spends the entire day in signals our frustrating time is traffic signal is his time to market a product and earn a living. Beggar and small vendor both have a mindset to earn one tries to earn a living with a his hard physical work but beggar tries to earn a living by creating sympathy on him. It’s all about their mindset which distinguishes the life they live and self respect they earn. One has to make sure to live a life to what extent he can bend.

Once the signal changed, some crossed the signal very fast and someone bike didn’t start, for some they can’t cope up with others speed. The one who crossed the signal first would have created a impression that he was very lucky compared to us, but the truth is he would have travelled a very long distance compared to us, he would have crossed more signals than ours, his bike would have broken down many times in past signals but when he crossed ours we feel he is lucky. Fact is all are lucky but he has wait for his turn to be lucky.

At last about a ambulance, when you are driving fast for sure we might collide and hurt ourselves. We may have a inner feel like a huge group friends and relatives to help us when we were dire situation, but almost in all occasions only your family will be there to accompany you. Most of the time, we take our family for granted and hurt them more because of the external pressure from office. We use them as a vent to show our frustration that we cant show at others.

Many thoughts came striking in my mind,but signal like chameleon changed its colour from Red to Green.I started slowly from signal and reached home.