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How to take care of your facial skin

There are literally 100s of different ways to keep your face healthy. In this article, we shall see how can we take care of it.

Wednesday August 16, 2017,

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Learn to love H2O.

Water is your best friend when it comes to the care of your skin. Staying hydrated takes out so many diseases and impurities out. It’s a natural detox and more than 3 liters a day can flourish your skin. It simply keeps your skin hydrated which reduces inflammation and heat effects as low as possible. The human body is 90% water and its necessary to take the most important feature of your body.

Never run dry.

No matter how much oily or how dry your skin is. Moisturizing is still very important to keep it healthy. Use organic gel based moisturizers for oily skins so it doesn’t block pores and keep them healthy. But dry skins find more benefit from more cream-based moisturizers.

Learn to live up with the sun.

Sun rays are the main and the most dangerous enemies of your skin beauty. UV rays can cost you more than you think. Sun rays basically damage your facial cells and cause melanin rate to increase. So the best way to live up the sun is to use sun blocks or wear hats and use facial masks while you are out in the open. There are serums in the markets with vitamins to compensate the damage from the sun.

Natural detox is your friend.

Fruits like peach, orange are naturally antiseptic and detox your skin. Cucumbers, coconut oil, Aloe Vera and green tea can detox the impurities out of your body.

Tips for anyone.

-Stay hydrated. Keep a bottle of water when you go outside.

-Change your bed sheets and pillow cases on a routine basis.

-Tie your hair before bedtime.

-Avoiding the sun and heat directly exposed to make your skin stay healthy.

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