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10 Business Etiquettes Tips for Every Professionals

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10 Business Etiquettes Tips for Every Professionals

Monday February 11, 2019,

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Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. – Clarence Thomas

When it comes to business world, your etiquettes speak loudly about your professionalism. Even a small, clumsy step can hurt your career more than you realize. After all, no one wishes to work with someone inconsiderate.

Business etiquettes go beyond sending a prompt thank you note. Though a few proprieties may vary from one country to another, some principles stay intact across all geographical areas of the world.

Here are 8 business etiquette rules you should avoid breaking.

Arrive on time

In professional world, it is wise to follow the old rule of being punctual. Give yourself sufficient time to arrive on time, and settle in a bit at workplace. Arriving at a meeting exactly at the scheduled time can make you look and feel rushed. Being punctual not only projects your professionalism but also your respect to others.

Work on Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are crucial for you to exercise in your work environment. No matter what your industry is, interpersonal skills help you develop and foster strong working relationships with other co-workers. It is also important to create an overall positive work environment. One of the best and basic ways to work on it is to actively practice every day. If you still struggle, it is advisable to take help of tailored learning solutions.  

Dress clean and crisp

Appropriate dress may vary from climate to climate or one business to another, a few things always remains the same. Clean, pressed clothes without any loose threads or shabbiness are a must. Professional appearance is not just important to gain positive impression but also earn respect in the workplace. If your company has a dress code policy, adhere to it; if not, dress decently.

Use full name while introducing yourself

A lot of people are poor in putting names when meeting other persons. It is not a wonder why many professionals can’t remember the name of others they met a few months ago. Introduce yourself with your full name. It will help other people remember you and find you on social media networks, like LinkedIn to stay connected.

Never interrupt

A great idea may pop up in your mind anytime anywhere. It may make it tempting to blurt out. Control this. No matter how great your idea is, interrupting the person who is speaking indicates that s/he is not as important as what you have to say. Show courtesy by being an attentive listener.

Stay away from vulgar language

Using vulgar language is an evident way of becoming unpopular in the workplace. Avoid all kinds of vulgar language, including swear words and judgmental language at office premises. Business etiquette need being constantly mindful that you are in a different environment with people. Speak as though you are being recorded. What would happen if what you are saying is made public?

Email etiquette

While replying to an email, ‘replying all’ button can be a big nuisance to other employees. Use it only when it comes to sharing important information. For example, if someone reaches out everyone to volunteer a task and you want to show your interest, respond to only the original sender. Keeping everyone in the chain will be a waste of time for many. Similarly, remove the people from the thread who don’t need that information. It will keep everyone’s inbox free from useless and irrelevant emails. Again, while writing any mail, think of the ramifications, in case, the contents of the mail are made public.

Avoid gossip or eavesdropping

Gossip and eavesdropping are not only childish behaviors, but they also pollute a healthy workplace environment. Do not pass rumors you hear at the workplace. People might not remember who started it, but they can easily recall who spread it. Similarly, avoid eavesdropping. If you walk into an office area and co-workers seem to be unaware of your presence, greet them politely to remove chances of eavesdropping on their conversation.

Maintain dignity in office parties

Office parties are a great way to mingle with your co-workers. Maintaining party etiquette is very important and simple – don’t do anything that can make you talk of the entire company for several years to come. Keep your dignity and also respect the dignity of others.

Keep Learning and Updating Yourself

Be it personally or professionally, we all should aim to be a better version of ourselves. At workplace, it becomes important to keep up with the rapidly changing work environment. Keep upgrading the professional aspect of your life by – enhancing your communication skills, listening to your mentor, learning something new and upgrading your skills.

Business etiquette foster better working environment and a great rapport with your co-workers. Embrace the basics of business etiquette to become a valuable asset for your organization while enhancing your own personal brand!