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Hast Kargah: Art for the Art lovers, Dignity for the artists

Hast Kargah was born out of a university project. It is an initiative to bridge the gap between  Art, the artists  & the art lovers. 

Hast Kargah: Art for the Art lovers, Dignity for the artists

Sunday November 27, 2016,

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Traditional art and craft in India has long been suffering because of inadequate funding and infrastructure in the sector. This is especially tragic given that India has a long and storied history steeped in art and craft. It is common now to hear about the traditional arts dying because artisans turn to other, more lucrative, trades for their livelihoods. Hast Kargah (a Desert Dust initiative) was founded by Shashank & is based out of Rajasthan to give artisans an opportunity to create traditional art and make a livelihood for themselves.

Hast Kargah is a concept developed around the idea that in the world of machine precision finished goods, the importance and charm of handmade product still dominates the market. People still appreciate and prefer to buy hand-made products. There are people who have mastered the art, but lack the ability to bring the product to the right place or the right person. Hast Kargah aims to bridge that gap.

Hast Kargah was conceived as a university project but then soon grew into a company with a business model centered around the people and the art. Our mission is to create economic opportunities for the artists on one hand and spread our indigenous art on the other. We are conscious of the internet penetration and technology adaptation disparity existing in India. In an internet driven society, it is difficult for those who are underprivileged to keep up with the pace. We associate and partner with them and provide them with the opportunities that they lack.

Our Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/hastkargah/

Website: www.hastkargah.com