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10 Essential Tips for Wikipedia Content Marketing

10 Essential Tips for Wikipedia Content Marketing

Sunday March 31, 2019,

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Businesses that want optimized SEO, better reaching to the potential market, international recognition, and authentic brand image, mostly opt for social media platforms for digital marketing. That is because social media platforms have been proving themselves to be one of the most effective marketing tools. However, there are businesses who achieve their marketing goals more smartly.

Instead of putting in too much effort and investment in social media marketing, they go for Wikipedia content marketing. They do target their audience by using social media platforms, but they do not entirely rely on social media marketing and similar other digital marketing platforms. What they choose to do is that they use the most powerful website on the internet for content marketing and achieve extra points with less effort. The site that they add to their marketing strategy is Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Wikipedia for Content Marketing

Wikipedia content marketing comes with a lot more benefits as compared to regular social media marketing. It is easier to handle Wikipedia marketing because it does not require fresh content or high maintenance. Furthermore, setting up the profile of your business on Wikipedia needs you to invest only once on a professional writing agency who would provide you with Wikipedia experts for hire. On the other hand, social media marketing consumes an extensive amount of both, time and capital.

A business can also choose to maintain its presence on Wikipedia on its own by becoming a Wikipedia contributor. Doing it on your own can be a bit tricky for those who have not tried it ever before. It has been noticed that many businesses that strive to make their own Wikipedia page fail in the first few attempts. That is because there are various rules that Wikipedia impose on the approval of content to keep the information on the site credible.

Tips for Contributing Content on Wikipedia Successfully

This article is providing the readers with 10 most useful tips for getting approval on their Wikipedia articles and edits. Hope it will help businesses accomplish their Wikipedia marketing goals.

Start with Editing

Wikipedia functions in a certain way, and anyone who wants to contribute to the site has to follow that particular style. Understanding the style and being able to follow them effectively requires practice. Starting small can be a way to develop an understanding by practicing the writing. Editing different existing pages on Wikipedia can be an effective strategy to make progress in small steps and become familiar to Wikipedia writing style in depth.


Wikipedia is an information hub that collects encyclopedias on different subjects. If a business wants to be a part of the information that is being provided on the site, it needs to add something valuable to the existing information. Extensive research about the domain of your business is the tool that can give you access to relevant information. Whenever you think about editing or creating a Wikipedia page, make sure you conduct an apt research before starting to write.

Citations and References

Wikipedia demands proper citation for all the information that is adding on the site, and thus, the contributors have to add information with reliable references and citations. While researching on your subject, gather all the links and references that you can add to your content for strengthening its credibility.

Keep It Simple

The tone of the content must not have any artificiality in it, and the content must be written in a simple manner. No purple passages or poetic styles should be part of the content written for Wikipedia. Keep your content fact-based and make stats a part of your content if you can.

No Direct Promotion

Promotional content is unacceptable on Wikipedia in any form. Do not add any content that looks like a direct promotion of a product, brand, or company. Moreover, no political biases should be integrated into the content because Wikipedia does not support politically biased content either.

Take Professional Help

Wikipedia writings may need professional help as they follow specific type of citation style, content tone, and a lot of other policies. There are a lot of helpful options for businesses. Several online Wikipedia writers for hire do not only provide quality content, but they also help businesses proofread and edit developed and even published content if there is a need.


After writing a piece of content for Wikipedia, make sure you proofread it repeatedly and remove all kind of writing errors. If you are not satisfied with correcting your content on your own, ask someone else to reread it for you. Make it a habit to proofread your content because of the chances of rejection increase with the number of errors and unclear information in your content.

Watch Out for Flags and Reporting

Once you get a piece of information published on the site, monitor the work and check for the flags and reporting done by the official or volunteer editors of the site. In case, any of your edits become flagged or reported by the internal contributors of Wikipedia, edit your work to eliminate the chances of deletion of it under a specific policy. Internal editors always flag information that opposes a particular policy of Wikipedia.

Keep a Lookout for Possible External Edits

Wikipedia allows all its visitors to make changes in the content of the pages if they find it unclear, shady, biased, promotional, false, or incomplete. That means that everyone can access your edits and published pages on the site and everyone who can access them can make their own edits too. This can be a problem for the organization as the edited information can defame a company, cause reporting of the page, and even get the page deleted. So it is important for the businesses to take care of this factor and monitor their pages to remove any inappropriate editing immediately.

Keep It Updated

Wikipedia does not require fresh content to maintain a consistent online presence. However, the pages on the site need to be updated. Changes occur in stats, organizational values, employee’s data, and other domains of a company over time and the company should not ignore the need to upgrade the Wikipedia pages when these inevitable changes occur to them. That is because an updated page provides correct information and encourages traffic to revisit for further updates.