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    10 Most Popular Shopping Apps Trends in 2019

    By #MondayMorning
    June 25, 2019, Updated on : Thu Sep 05 2019 07:33:06 GMT+0000
    10 Most Popular Shopping Apps Trends in 2019
    Let’s have a look over 10 most popular shopping apps trend in 2019.
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    In today’s time, the concept of buying has undergone a significant change. It has progressed from street shopping to web shopping to Smartphone shopping apps. These online shopping apps are setting new shopping trends across the globe. And with several shopping apps flooding the marketplace, you can easily pick and choose the best shopping apps. With the increasing usage of shopping apps, iPhone app and android app development are seeing huge growth.

    10 Most Popular Shopping Apps Trends in 2019

    Top 10 Shopping Apps in 2019

    Interestingly, mobile shopping apps are considered to be time savers, money savers and most convenient means of shopping. One can find for the desired product and can order sitting on the comfy couches of our homes.

    Let’s have a look over 10 most popular shopping apps trend in 2019:

    1) Amazon: 

    Anything and everything, from A-Z, is available here. Amazon is the largest and most popular online retail brand. It has a wide range of products from books, beauty, apparels, electronics, grocery, toys, and many more things. The app is categorized in a user-friendly way.

    Amazon - Best Shopping App

    Amazon App

    2) Flipkart:

    It is the first Indian online shopping brand, that mostly introduced Indians to online shopping concept. Flipkart also has a wide range of products, women's clothing, men's clothing, kid’s wear, toys, gadgets, etc. It is easy to use, offers secure purchase and safe return, and also user reviews are possible through its app.

    Flipkart App - Online Shopping Application

    Flipkart App

    3) eBay:

    One of the oldest yet prominent shopping apps. The best thing about this app is it’s convenient to use. eBay is not only for buying goods but also one can sell their wares. eBay provides both fresh and used products as per the requirement of the buyer. A massive category of products related to lifestyle, apparels or electronics is available over here.

    eBay App - Top Online Shopping App

    eBay App

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    4) Myntra:

    India’s most famous fashion shopping app Myntra has got everything that deals with fashion. The app suggests the latest trends, editor’s choice, and clothing choice according to the type of occasion. One can also get clothes according to their measurement. On top of this, the app provides substantial discounts and offers. Thus these features make Myntra stand out from other fashion shopping app.

    5) Jabong:

    Jabong is another fashion optimized app. It caters to a vast range of fashion products. Home and beauty are the additional categories in this app. The app also educates about different fashion brands and products as per trends and season classification. Overall its use is simple.

    Jabong App - Best Free Shopping Apps

    Jabong App

    6) Nykaa:

    This is India’s first most prominent cosmetic shopping application. In Nykaa, everything in the category of hair, skin, makeup, wellness, beauty appliances can be purchased. Each type has its sub-category, and sorted search can be done. The app is easy to assess. Also, find all your favorite cosmetic brands offers at Nykaa.

    Nykaa App - best shopping apps in india

    Nykaa App

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    7) OLX:

    OLX is India’s most popular buy and sells app. All the users are verified, and they can sell or purchase products. It is a second-hand product shopping app. The app locates your current location and introduces to all the deals and products available nearby your location.

    OLX App - best online shopping apps in india

    OLX App

    8) Big Basket:

    It is one of the leading grocery shopping apps. The app has a category in fruit and vegetables, food grains, oil and spices, bakery products, food, beauty and hygiene products. It’s effortless to use, and one can collect products in the basket and get it delivered on the desired address. This can be convenient for homemakers.

    Big Basket App - Best Apps for Mobile Shopping

    Big Basket App

    9) Facebook Marketplace:

    Right there in your Facebook app, marketplace feature is available. It allows you to buy and sell any product across the medium, be it your friends or other users. Thus shopping can be done with entertainment. No separate app is required.

    Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook Marketplace

    10) Hopscotch:

    The only shopping app in India made for kids. The has an excellent feature to search for kids apparel or accessories by their age group, for hustle free purchase. Also, the return policy is good, so if kids grow faster than the delivery return is possible. Hopscotch is a mom’s favorite app, as a mother struggling with kids can easily shop for her little ones.

    Hopscotch App - Best Online Shopping Apps in 2019

    Hopscotch App

    Conclusion -

    Shopping is really made easy with the above mentioned best shopping apps. Due to the rise in making such application, shopping has become fun, affordable, sorted and time saver too. Hence, get your business to another level by making mobile shopping app, search to OpenXcell, the app development company for more details.