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10 Things Singapore Students Should Consider Doing After Graduation

10 Things Singapore Students Should Consider Doing After Graduation

Thursday December 13, 2018,

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If you thought life is going to simple after you graduate from college, then sorry to burst that bubble, but the real struggle hasn’t even begun. In fact, as Monica Gellar from the popular sitcom Friends said, “Welcome to the real world. It sucks! You’re going to love it”. And for students studying in Singapore, this struggle becomes all too real, as they find themselves amidst the fiercely competitive job market. So here are some tips to sort out their career woes.

1.     Ask for the letters of recommendation from your professors

Ideally, you should be asking for this before throwing your graduation cap in the air. Now receiving the recommendation letters may be a tedious process but chances are for every job you apply to in future, you’ll need at least one of those letters.

2.     Look for an internship

Many university campuses in Singapore open up the opportunities for students to work as an intern. These internships are the stepping stones to establish your credibility in the job market in Singapore.

3.     Take time out to invest in your passion

You may have a degree in engineering, but you are interested in performing arts. So, why not indulge in your interest a little bit more? Then who knows, a few years down the line, you can turn your passion into your profession.

4.     Work at your college or University

Some of the reputed universities in Singapore allow the students to work on campuses after they have graduated. It could be in the same department that you’ve been associated with as a student.

5.     Join a training program

You can think of honing your technical or job-specific skills after graduating from an institution in Singapore. The country offers promising opportunities for students looking to enhance their professional skills.

6.     Consider volunteering for philanthropic organizations

You can choose to volunteer for the Peace Corps or the Red Cross Society after your graduation is over. Such opportunities not only offer you valuable life lessons, but they also provide a major boost to your resume.

7.     Take a trip

While travelling is mostly considered a recreational activity, but the experiences you gather is no less of an education. So, you must take some time out and go on a trip after graduation.

8.     Get a seasonal job

You can gather diverse work experiences by working on seasonal jobs in Singapore. Adding these experiences on your resume will serve as a major boost to your career in the long run.

9.     Teach a language

You can make perfect use of your flair of languages to teach other people. There are many institutions in Singapore that offer such language training programs. So, if you think you have a strong command over a language, you can always be involved in one of these institutions.

10.   Become a research assistant

You can definitely consider this option after your graduation, and you can seek such opportunities in your university or college. If you specifically belong to the field that emphasizes research, you can give it a go.

Singapore is brimming with opportunities for fresh graduates, so it’s about time you opt for them.

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