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10 Unconventional Gift Ideas for Homemakers

10 Unconventional Gift Ideas for Homemakers

Monday February 11, 2019,

6 min Read

‘Homemaker’ is quite an underrated role which many take for granted. However, modern society has taken a turn for good where not only women but men also volunteer for this job that is not always monetary rewarding. Since time immemorial this role was bequeathed on women as soon as they came of age or got married. This readymade role entailed women to beget children, taking care of the husband and children while making sure that the house remains spick and span. Also, the linguistic term for this role- 'housewife' was biased and archaic but now the role, as well as the term, has changed for the better, now known as ‘homemaker’, relegating to both men and women. This term captures the essence of the role as the primary force that makes a house feels like home and joining individual personalities in a familial bond that is not limited to blood relations only. This is the reason many homemakers have blogs and business which they operate from home and take pride in their profession that allows them to do something beyond the traditional roles, relays celebrity chef-Nita Mehta. So for these extraordinary human beings who deserve our respect and gratitude, its high time we return the favor with these extraordinary gift ideas, listed below.

1.At- Home Spa Service

Staying at home doesn’t mean holidaying rather it’s staying up on your feet most of the time and doing most stuff manually. It is therefore not an easy or comfortable job but one that requires both physical and emotional investment. For those homemakers who do so much for you, shedding their sweat and blood, you can treat them to salon appointment at home itself. This pampering session can be scheduled with online websites and app like UrbanClap which provide your lovely homemaker with beauty professionals who take care of everything at home itself.

2.Coffee Maker

This automatic kitchen gadget is a must-have in every household. From roasting the beans to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, this gadget gives them their freshly brewed caffeine shot to get energized and be ready to face the day. A coffee maker is, thus, a useful gift not just for homemakers but also for working professionals. This automatic kitchen gadget is a smart gift for your caffeine obsessed homemaker.

3.Planning Supplies

Planning Supplies can include anything from notepads, sticky notes, planners and stationery items. A homemaker entails many menial tasks and some taxing jobs. With so many tasks to accomplish on a daily basis, it is necessary to plan and organize your schedule. These planning supplies are then a mandatory item which is both affordable and easily available. The perfect gift for your clutter hating, organized and practical homemaker, these planning supplies are a very thoughtful gift.

4.Personalised Gifts

When it comes to gifts, what matters is the sentiment, not the price tag. A gift given from your heart will no doubt be special but also meaningful. In order to make your gift more personable, you can always have famous lines or characters from their favorite movies and books printed on mugs, tees, and cushions. These awesome personalised gifts are more than a gift, as they also serve home decor purposes. Also, these gifts will remind them of you when they take their morning coffee or have their afternoon nap with your cushion under their head.

5.Foot Spa and a relaxing weekend

De-stressing with a foot spa machine for your weary feet or a bathtub with bath bombs and bubbles sounds enticing. Set the mood for your industrious homemaker with a foot spa machine or bath products like bath bombs, essential oils and scented candles for a relaxing weekend. You can give these gifts separately or in a readymade basket that can be customized on demand both online and offline.

6.DIY framed photos and motivational quotes

Gift, as it is, is a priceless item, and can only be valued in feelings but when they are created by hands there is special magic, that’s involved. To impress your sweet homemaker with a gift that is personally designed by you, there’s nothing better than a frame that is created by you. These personalized DIY gifts don’t need artistic talent, all you need is to follow some simple steps as dictated in online DIY tutorials on YouTube and other sites and your handcrafted gift is ready. These frames can then be put on photos and motivational quotes or stuck together to form a Collage, adorning the walls of your home.


A homemaker can be an exhausting job with numerous activities that take your time and energy. Doing all the chores and roaming about the house is nothing short of an exercise. If your homemaker loves to keep fit or is a health freak then this modern contraption is the best fitness gift. From tracking daily steps, pulse, and heartbeat, Fitbit is a multipurpose watch. Taking less than three hours to get charged, this watch is both elegant and fashion smart that goes with any outfit, this surely is some gift to give to your homemaker.

8.Gift Cards from her favorite online shopping stores

If your homemaker loves to experiment with home decor, and shopping and arranging furniture, then give her a gift card from her favorite online shopping store or furniture stores like IKEA. This thoughtful gift will help her shop to her heart’s content without worrying about burning a hole in the pocket.

9.Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances could be anything from wooden spoons to tacky knives or automatic blenders or even an apron. This equipment will only lessen her workload while helping her do her work more efficiently.

10.Bluetooth Speakers

Music has the ability to soothe, relax and even change your mood. As a homemaker, earplugs or headphones is not always a viable option. To uplift, the mood of your homemaker, gift them a portable Bluetooth speaker so that they can listen to their favorite music and jam to popular songs. Whether she loves classical music and sonatas or is a fan of pop music, these speakers are a lovely surprise which she will love and cherish. Interestingly, these speakers only need a few hours to recharge, all you require is either a pen drive or a Bluetooth connection or even a Wi-Fi connection and your speaker is ready to blast out your playlist.