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How collaboration device can improve your business revenue.

Large interactive collaboration device to conduct effective meetings and improve your company productivity. Indian company released world's best and affordable giant touch screen device.

Most of the businesses still using normal white boards, pen & paper to conduct meetings. But the problem with these kind of meetings is, not getting effective results. And wasting their time, money. If we conduct long time meetings simply on pen and paper, everyone will get bored and feel sleepy. To avoid such problems, Indian company NextGen MultiTouch Pvt Ltd has developed world's best large interactive collaboration device called Meeting Wall. Using this big multi touch screen system, more than one person can interact at a time without disturbing others. 

meeting wall collaboration device

Share your presentation into device using either mobile, laptop, tablet, download from Google drive or any other way. Once after sharing, we can use either finger or stylus pen which is given with product to operate on screen. Also collaboration device consist of many meeting software and Intelligent Apps. Just consider the situation, if your client is there somewhere else and he/she want's product demo instantly. At this time you can do video conferencing with them and invite them to interact with you too. After successful completion of your meeting, device will automatically save entire session, so you can easily revise in future. We can conduct meetings anytime and anywhere. I'm sure that in future every business will stick to collaboration device to conduct their meetings.


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