Thing all Entrepreneurs Need to Know

These entrepreneurial suggestions are practically effective and teach us to get better at something we are passionate about -- entrepreneurship

Tuesday May 16, 2017,

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This era is often called an era of technology but the fact that entrepreneurial spirit behind that technology helped in making that happen can't be denied. The new startups are continuously popping up, new ideas are being created, and the innovative companies are being launched. All this would not have been possible if the technology won't be there for us. That's not all, entrepreneurs from the past deserve the credit as well because if their bold steps, failures, and hustles were not there, we might not be able to inspire our generations with all those great examples that we use.

That being said. Now, we have to see what entrepreneurs need to know to move forward. The year 2016 is about to end and 2017 is right here and ready to showcase new challenges, resolutions, and targets for us. The entrepreneurs' lives have a huge connection with the years. They always set targets, they don't forget the years in which they fail, struggle, and start changing lives, which is why this article was planned to nudge entrepreneurs a bit about the upcoming challenges. Moreover, this article is about a few tips that might help them in getting along with the new challenges of the coming year.

There are three things entrepreneurs must consider in 2017:

1: The Mobile Platform

It's an absolute need. A startup idea without considering the mobile technology won't be worth pitching. Nowadays, tech giants are rapidly considering the mobile platform and adjusting their strategies, gameplay, and plan-of-action accordingly, then why would someone not take the mobile into consideration. Recently, Google brought a huge update in Gmail and made it mobile friendly to provide a hassle-free user experience to the users. This shows how important the mobile platform is for 2017. What entrepreneurs need to see in this situation is that they should never create a product that is not based on the mobile device. In simple words, if the startup idea isn't a mobile app based, then it might not get the attention one is expecting from it.

2: Fear and Anxiety

Leave the technical ground for a second and think about mental health, feelings, and psychological approach. Let’s admit that entrepreneurs go through a lot of stress for a long period of time. Starting from the ideation to creating the product, then marketing the product to attracting the venture capitalists. One has to be a hardcore mentally strong macho to get all this done over the course of years. The difficulty in this is that it's a continuous process and goes on for over a decade or more. Every setback and failure add up fear and stress which aren't ideal things to have. To cope with such ultra difficult situations, an entrepreneur must develop a routine of taking rest, eating healthy, exercising daily, and joining the finest company of friends, family, and children. When someone asked Arianna Huffington of HuffingtonPost about the success secret, she revealed that her sleep is the secret to success, which is a quite astonishing thing to ponder on. "Switch off your phone and devices at night and escort them out of your room", she added. It's a great advice for entrepreneurs to get a proper sleep because it makes them ready to take on the world next day. In order to fight the fear and anxiety, you have to be mentally and physically ready.

3: Learn PASSION and DREAM's CEO Jack Ma advised young entrepreneurs to go to small companies to learn passion and dream. He believes that you can learn 'processing' in the big organizations but if you want to learn 'passion and dream', go work for small companies. "You'll learn a lot of things to do in one time", he added. This is an exceptional piece of advice for entrepreneurs who think they should have to create something before 30 or so, otherwise, it would be so late. Actually, Jack Ma talked about the different age stages of being an entrepreneur from 20 to 30, 30 to 40, and 50 to 60. The message is worth analyzing that learn how to be passionate.


These entrepreneurial suggestions were practically effective and teach us to get better at something we're passionate about which is entrepreneurship. If you're facing some challenges being an entrepreneur, then this article tells you that it's okay to have problems and you can't learn walking without falling.

What would you do being an entrepreneur to make a difference in 2017?