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How to get the best value for money on your golf holiday

Most golfers are a travelling breed who enjoy playing golf at various golf courses around the world.

How to get the best value for money on your golf holiday

Thursday July 20, 2017,

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Usually, they combine it with vacation, which is the reason that the golfing event figures high on the list of travel and tour companies, many of which specialize in golf trips. Going for golf is on the rise, so also is the business of organizing golf trips that assure golfers of a beautiful vacation while playing the sport at some of the most coveted golf courses. Not all travelers are golfers, but all golfers are travelers. If you belong to the latter class, take note of these tips that can make your holiday the most pleasant one.


Travel light without golf clubs

There is no uniform rule for airlines about charging for carrying golf clubs with you. While a few airlines might allow you to bring it free, most airlines would charge you for the extra bag, which is your golf bag. The charges for carrying golf clubs can be anything between $75 and $150, which can be somewhat discomforting for you. Unless you have the fascination for using dedicated golf clubs or superstitious about using specific ones, hiring golf clubs at the destination is a better choice that saves a few dollars.

Prefer new courses

Golf courses they are all, but not all of them offer the same kind of pleasure and enjoyment of playing. To ensure that your golf holiday is not ruined by selecting an under par golf course, give preference to championship venue and if it is not always feasible, at least stick to a new venue. Since new clubs have put their stakes in building a reputation, it is most likely that they would offer you the most pleasing golfing experience. For more information on golf courses in Europe, click here.

All-inclusive packages

To keep costs under control, choose the resort at the destination that offers all-inclusive packages together with a few rounds of golf. If you are lucky enough, you can land up with resorts that allow unlimited play. Any renowned golfing destination is home to multiple resorts, and it is advisable that you shop around to get the stay and play package of your choice. However, if you have to pay green fees, it can hike the tour cost by quite a bit.

Plan early

To fulfill your dreams of playing at top-notch golf courses, you must plan early so that you can manage a slot sometime at the beginning of the season. This would help you to be there where famous golfers like Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Roy Mcllroy and Sergio Garcia and their likes have left their footprints. Next time you get ready to Tee at a golf course, you can simply brag about it to your mates.

For an economical golf holiday, set your eyes on an emerging destination that is in the process of establishing its name in the golfing circuit. Looking for some upcoming golf courses in Turkey, Bulgaria and Ireland can provide the golf vacation that becomes the memory of a lifetime.