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Ways to improve your speaking skills

Ways to improve your speaking skills

Thursday July 20, 2017,

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The four language skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing are in every way connected with each other. It is very important to have proficiency in each skill. A person who has proficiency in each skill is considered as a good communicator. Out of all the 4 skills, we are going to discuss speaking skills and the ways to enhance them. Speaking is considered as a capacity to put together words in such a way that it imparts the clear idea, thoughts, opinions and feelings. With proficient speaking skills, one is able to depict his/ her point of view in the perfect manner. The ability to speak in an efficient manner provides the speaker with many advantages.

We are going to discuss certain tips and tricks that will help you in enhancing your skills that will turn you into a better speaker. These tips include:

1- Speak slowly and clear- The very first thing you need to do is try to speak slow and clear. Speaking slowly means to speak in a normal way and not too fast. It includes speaking in a normal tone, not in too low and not in too high pitch. Speak directly and be responsible for what you speak. Make it sure that you are clear with what you speak. This makes it possible for the listener to derive the clear meaning to what you say.

2- Choose interesting topics- Start speaking by choosing the topics that you are interested in. Choosing a topic of your interest you naturally come up with much more confidence and excitement. You will be able to draw attention of your listeners at great.

3- Develop your speaking style- Do not speak monotonous because it will never be interesting to your listeners. Develop your style of speaking and consider the five skills to make your speaking sound interesting and attractive. These five skills include: tone, gesture, expressions, humor, and storytelling. These will help you to draw attention of your listener.

4- Practice daily- In order to be good at anything, one must practice the skill daily. So is the case with speaking. In order to be an effective speaker you need to practice speaking daily. This will turn you into a better and attractive speaker. People would love to hear from you whenever they see you and you will be able to draw their attention.

5- Attend events- Try to attend events that are conversational. Listen to other speakers. Moreover, you can watch the videos of world’s best speakers. Attending events and watching videos will help you develop your inner self at speaking.

Without good speaking skills, you will never be able to convince your listener. Thus, you need to work upon enhancing your speaking skills and writing skills. Through the above mentioned tips you can easily enhance your speaking. All you need is determination to do it regularly and soon you will be able to see the difference.

Give it a try and have a great life ahead!!!