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Connecting everything with internet of things (IoT)

Connecting everything with internet of things (IoT)

Saturday November 25, 2017,

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Internet of Things (IoT)

In this era, if app & web development company leading the world just because of IOT. Would like to know more about IoT? What are its applications and what are their characteristics? and many more. Before initiating your expedition for IoT, it is essential first know about the base of the IoT world.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The enormous network of devices connected to the internet whether it is a smartphone, tablets, electronic gazettes, devices with sensors, security cameras, vehicles, jet engines, wearable devices, smart cities, smart health, smart homes, and more. All the things which amass and exchange data.

Industries using the IoT

According to the study done by Cisco, IoT gives positive business results. 15% reduction in cost, 58% of executives says that IoT is strategic to their business, and 95% of execs planning to start an IoT business within 3 years.

One brilliant setup of network enhances the safety and security, improves the speed and gain valuable data intuitiveness to streamline automation.

Let’s have a look at the industries using the IoT.

 Manufacturing – For connected machines, factories, and supply chain

• Energy – For connecting Oil & Gas, Utilities and smart grid, and Field Area network.

• Transportation - For connecting Vehicles, Roadways, Railways, Aviation, Maritime, Cars, and Mass Transit.

Healthcare – remote health monitoring, emergency notification system and numerous monitoring devices.

Government – Intelligence, security, and safety of information.

Agriculture – Innovative farming techniques, climatic & environmental conditions.

Products required growing IoT business

Management and Automation – Through this, you will get full visibility and authority. It makes easy the management complexity, Empower with purpose-built tools, and make network automation easy.

Security – Gives secure IoT systems by added security directly to the network infrastructure.

Secure Network Connectivity – with the help of plentiful of devices such as Industrial routers, IoT gateways, Industrial Switching, Industrial Wireless, Low Power wide area wireless, Embedded routers & switches.

Data Analytics – Transforms data into action – Infrastructure for real-time analytics, Cloud to fog, Enterprise Analytics Integration, and Analytics for security.

Connectivity Management – It is reliable, cost-effective, and secure. It will protect against enterprise-grade security, Monetize IoT services, ensure service reliability, and lower total cost of ownership.

DevNet for IoT – Create smart cities, smart communities, architect IoT applications quickly and intelligently, and deploy, connect, collect, and analyze IoT.

Embedded Networks – It increased flexibility, reduced risks, and protects investment through best-embedded rotors & switches.

IOx and Fog Applications – It will easily develop and deploy Fog applications and offers highly secure connectivity.

It is all clear, that there is much more to be done with the power of IoT. It is safe, secure, reliable and efficient.