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Top Toys Pick for 8-12 Year Old :

Are you planning to buy a gift for 8-12 years old. From science kits and backpack, here is complete list for your 8 year old.

Top Toys Pick for 8-12 Year Old  :

Wednesday October 26, 2016,

3 min Read

Tomafo is online toys Store for educational and fun toys, and puzzles for 0-12 year-old kids sourced directly from Indian toy makers. Choose from wide range of kid's toys & avail great discounts.

Kids Toys Online Shopping Store India :

Kids Toys Online Shopping Store India :

We’ve rounded up some great finds for you so that you are at ease while you are planning to buy a gift for 8-12 years old. From science kits and backpack, here is complete list for your 8 year old.

Experiment kits for Kids

If the child has interest in electronics and conducting science experiments, then this might be your first choice. The amazing science project kit comes with instructions that the child would follow. The instructions are given in steps and are quite easy to follow. Your 8-12 years old boy or girl would love playing with this. These kits are available online and are easily delivered at your doorsteps.

Learning Maths puzzles for School Children

If you want to play safe then these games or kits are for you. There is a huge variety of kits available as gifts for 8 years old boys, gifts for 9 years old boys, Gifts for 10 years old boys and gifts for 9-12 years old boys. There are other similar kits that include Jigsaw Puzzles, Science Kits, Games On Solar System, Play And Discover India, Fun With Words, Play And Discover World and many more such games where the child can learn a lot.

Dimpy stuff animal chain bag

You could give the little one a bag. Sling bags and other bags are a favorite among kids. This is the best thing you could think of giving a gift to 8 years old boy. The bags are available in various chota bheem characters also. Waist pouches can be purchased along these bags.

Wooden clay and potters rib set

Clay never fails to fascinate kids between 8-11 years. Clay is fun specially when paired with modeling set. It enhances the imagination of kids. Our modeling set is made of wood. It is durable and non-toxic. This is certainly a hit for young boys and girls.

Millennium blocks

Kids love building things and these build-up toys are an outlet for this passion. You would be overwhelmed to see our collection. The quality is ensured and you would love to see your kid build up different things with their imagination.

Batman magic car

Kids absolutely love them. It is the best way to burn up their energy. It has all the benefits that come with outdoor games.

We have a variety Toys of different colors, designs and sizes to choose from for children between 8-12 years of age. You can order these gifts online and surprise the young one.

In this video we will showcase you Wooden Play ‘N’ Learn Puzzle. “Play ‘N’ Learn – Fruits” is an interactive lift and fix wooden puzzle that will help your child to recognise and learn the names of some common fruits. As the child names and fixes each fruit using the shape and size of the correct slot, it develops the problem solving and fine motor skills.