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Top 5 Aged Care Software Company in Australia

With the aged care industry is growing continuously, there have also been a lot of technological advancements in the industry. One such advancement has come around in the form of aged care software.

Top 5 Aged Care Software Company in Australia

Thursday January 10, 2019,

5 min Read

With the aged care industry is growing continuously, there have also been a lot of technological advancements in the industry. One such advancement has come around in the form of aged care software. This is a very helpful tool for people working in the aged care industry as it majorly aids the management process. This allows the people working in the industry to enhance their services and provided better care. Here are the top 5 aged care software companies in Australia that can help you work better.

1.  HDS - Aged Care Software System in Australia

HDS is one of the most popular and high-tech aged care software company in Australia. The owners and the operators of HDS are all technical or managerial experts working in the industry. HDS provides a feature-packed catering software that addresses all catering & food safety related concerns in aged care. HDS team consist of experts in the areas of aged care catering, Procurement, Food labeling, food safety regulations & Audits. HDS provides holistic solutions for Aged Care & Healthcare Catering and provide an array of systems like HDS dietary System, iLabeling, iMonitor, Orderline, Consulting, function catering.. This means that with HDS state-of-the-art software system you can maximize your productivity and work conveniently with highly accessible software.

The affordability and efficiency of HDS software has made more than 500 users rely on their services for their everyday dietary solutions.

Feature :

  • HDS dietary System - Automated Dietary & Menu Management System
  • iLabeling - An automated food label maker that helps create food labels efficiently
  • iMonitoring - Automated & Digital Food safety record & auditing system
  • Orderline - Online procurement & invoicing system
  • Consulting - A complete restructure of catering in aged care. Staff training, comprehensive reporting, improved efficiency & team building

Location: 54 The Parkway Pakenham Victoria - 3810 Australia

Phone: +61 431 248 554


[email protected]

[email protected]


2.  Autumn Care

Autumn Care is research and development-oriented company that started the journey with Stuart researching in the field of aged care by visiting a lot of facilities and a lot of care workers, in order to develop a product that would be consistent with the needs of the market.

Medicate Two, one of their most interesting and useful features, is aimed at easing the process of administering medications.

In order to fulfill their commitment of ‘Making lives better’, they still follow the same ideology and work with people in the field to make their product better and aid their clientele.

Feature :

  • Foundations: Interactive Training - The staff of the aged care company using Autumn Care is given complete training regarding the software and its uses.
  • Connect - It helps create separate profiles for each resident in an aged care facility and allows creating notes, forms, assessment reports, etc. for every profile.
  • Medicate Two - It helps make the process of administering medications more seamless and efficient.

Location: Australia

Phone Number: 1800 422 472

Email: [email protected]


3.  Epicor

Epicor provides a range of business software working in different industries in the market. They provide consulting, education, support, managerial services with the help of their software that is built for manufacturing, distribution, and services organizations. Epicor has been an active part of the industry for more than 45 years serving different customers and different businesses.

Their customer base includes more than 20,000 customers today from over 150 countries.

Feature :

  • Financial Management - It helps manage the income and expenses of the company by constantly monitoring them.
  • Customer Relationship Management - It helps manage the details of various customers and contacts.
  • Project Management - It helps the complete process of planning and execution of different projects.

Location: 804 Las Cimas Parkway Austin, Texas 78746

Phone Number:

Toll Free: +1.800.999.1809

Direct: +1.512.328.2300

Email : [email protected]


4. iCareHealth

I-Care health is dedicated to provide nursing and care staff with the necessary tool that will help them act more compassionately towards the aged and care for them better. They believe that the medical conditions of the elderly in this time have become more complex and need more attention. This is why their focus is more towards clinical and healthcare management sector for the elderly. Their services and features include assistance for clinical & care management, Medications, Home care managers, Online care and staff, Mobile care workers.

Feature :

  • Clinical & care management - It helps maintain complete clinical records of a resident from waiting list to discharge in order to help streamline care management.
  • Medication management - It helps create a detailed medication profile for every resident in order to ensure that records can be easily managed and monitored.
  • Mobile care worker - It helps get real time locations of care workers and also helps them log-in and log-out of the care facility using their phones.

Location: Level 1, 355 Spencer Street, West Melbourne VIC 3003

Toll Free: 1800 870 177

Email: [email protected]


5.  Inerva Enabling Aged Care

The specialty of Inerva is that it is a dedicated software designed solely for Australian aged care. Thus, all its features and services are also only in accordance with the needs of the aged care industry. It is a holistic software that includes complete accounting, HR and administration system. Along with this, it also provides different features like Support with voice, Reports and analysis, a feature you need, client management, etc.

This ensures that all the requirements of aged care workers are fulfilled with the same system.


  • Human Resource Module - It provides features like biometrics, attendance, etc. to monitor employee performance.
  • Client Management - It helps manage the client invoices and accounting with changing legislations.
  • Reports and analysis - It helps you collect and organise complete data related to your organisation and make a detailed report of it.

Location: Inerva Pty Ltd 255 Brisbane Street Launceston TAS  7250

Toll Free: 1800 463 782