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8 tips to develop high users engagement mobile app for you

How yo can engage your mobile app users. Best 8 tips for businesses.

8 tips to develop high users engagement mobile app for you

Friday July 27, 2018,

10 min Read


The attainment of your mobile app can be gauged by user engagement, Active users and Profits per user. If you are operating a mobile product and want to involve unlimited visitors to your app then you are always welcome.

What is App Engagement?

Engagement defines as a total number of active users in your app. A substantial number of users recurring to your app within 3 to 4 months (from the time when it launches) can certainly be considered as a revolutionary success. Recognizing the time and minutes of practice is the main factor to assist you to choose whether to bring changes in your marketing strategies, user experience or other essential features.

Keep proper follow with the track of the percentage of inviting users in the early period. So, compare this with the following months and you will achieve your user retention rate. Downloads are imperative but time expended on apps is more vital in the present-day. If your app takes extensive time to utilize then you may need changes to increase user experience and engagement.

Why is mobile app engagement important to keep in mind after launching the app?

The mobile app development has become is the right platform for all types of industries to acquire more and more customer’s grasp. There is a well-known Best Mobile App Development Service that presents in the market for offering the finest services in this respect. Mobile app developers are performing their best work to handle the entire app development project as per to their consumer’s demand.

In these days, it has become crucial to adjust the state-of-the-art technology trends to make a superior image of your business. Contemplate all the facts and ideas when you are going to plan to develop an app for your business.

You had now developed an app in the perfect way and also worked the top marketing for it to obtain as more downloads & although your app obtains lots of downloads, yet your work is not over. You need to make growing user engagement methods for the advantage of your app’s success.

The methods which are utilized for the entire mobile app engagement are essential to get tracked from the beginning point of app development. There are different processes by which you can obtain more downloads and great user engagement. You need to follow them and should have all the knowledge about the user engagement methods.

However app user engagement largely considers user interactions with a mobile app, app retention justly means a plenty of consumers who come back to your app after rejection.

Inferior app engagement and user experience can lead to maximum user rejection rate. Therefore, you should enhance engagement and retention to obtain lots of trustworthy users.

Here are the top ways for increasing engagement for your app users:

1. User onboarding created fast & easy

User onboarding experience is maybe the primary conversation you will set off with your app users. The core determination of user onboarding is to obtain users to take a walk into your app and organize them for more attention-grabbing components within your app.


• Create on-boarding experience a lesson or stern app education

• Make it seems an endeavor to enhance users’ understanding with the app

• Bore users by presenting elegant screenshots of interface and features

• Devastate users with a lot of information areas

• Lengthen their sign up steps


• Teach users about major app benefits

• Present them the exceptional value your app fetches

• Reduce the number of stages for sign up process

• Eradicate puzzling factors that bring about app rejection

Provide flexible registering options

Consumer on-boarding is all about creating the first impression is last. Flawless, spontaneous on-boarding experience means allowing your users resolve in your app securely. Evade as lots of problems as you can for them particularly when they register.

2. Push notifications

Push notification is every so often perceived as a reasonable practice for growing user retention rate. Data approves those users that select to obtain push notifications tend to involve with 85% greater than those who haven’t.

The idea of referring push notifications to consumers has developed a lot. These messages are extremely tailor-made, significant and just customized, and seem pertinent.

Push notifications are essential to meeting different purposes for your app. It works as a prompt to users that they have downloaded and are making use of your app, which in order to assist to defeat the competition with the mental effect.

Push messaging, if completed deliberately and based on users’ likings, can catch huge consideration of the app consumers. Such messages can persuade users of reasons to remain to utilize an app that has very exact functions.

This is the notion supported by Single Grain’s Guide to Mobile App Advertising that recommends how push messages can encourage users to operate directly to your app for particular activities.

3. Personalization of app interactions

Mobile personalization has many things to do with enhanced user experience and user engagement. Mobile app consumers look for the type of experience that integrates their personal requirements, likes, and choices.

This is a reason why mobile app developers are forced to design apps that use user’s data to show pertinent, tailored content in the app. Personalized content means personalization of app communications that provide extra value to app users.

The push messages that are personalized to user interests have a 55% conversion rate. Although, send personalized messages wisely as any inappropriate messages might make users rejection of your app.

Useful Tip: If you have recognized user behavior, utilize it to section your app users. Split users into various sections and bring into line their likings with the tailored user experience. Refer each of them pertinent messages through diverse networks of communication such as social networks, in-app messaging, push notifications and measure its result.

4. Incentivized user engagement

One and all would like the rewards and your mobile app users are no exclusion. Providing consumers lots of incentives to boost them to utilize your app can assist to drive user engagement and retention for your app.

Create unique content that users really like to access. Or just give them with reward points, vouchers, promotions, handouts or other thinkable tricks that will enhance their interaction with your app.

Tip: While applying incentives, always try to make its appearance more natural and attention-grabbing. In-app buying with good discounts function well for some apps while others can choose usage based encouragement. Appropriateness of incentivized engagement finally relies on the nature of your app.

5. Increases your app performance

At this time that our world is handling data at the highest speed to save more time and efforts, individuals are increasing with more demanding than earlier. E-commerce dealers make the similar-day delivery while international journeys are booked within a few seconds.

Why not apps meet the similar needs? App users would like to experience substantial speed as they fence from one page to another or even open a feature or app itself. App users also want their app to operate, load and process information in seconds. This is just possible if the back-end of the app is functioning effectively.

If your app has major features that provide speedy performance, you are almost certain to notice many users depending on and communicating with your app.

6. Mistake improvement & feedback management

It is relatively comprehensible that your app may not appear picture-perfect in the first shot. There will at all times be certain a range for improvement and perfection, which is quite obvious when you obtain authentic feedback from app users.

It is significant to listen to what your consumers are saying about all the damages with your app. Although, most hopeless app users deny to show their displeasure and quit. Therefore, it is vital to pro-actively ask them about their experience and expect their particular needs.


You should always learn, adjust and execute. Apple, for example, is a hands-on player recognized for crafting state-of-the-art products long before customers voice their requirements. You can also ask response from your app users and integrate their needs in your next update.

You can incorporate SaaS CRM in your customer relationship management process to track individual consumer preferences and interactive pattern. Now that such CRMs are developed, although SMBs can pay for using it.

7. Deep linking acts for app engagement

We previously saw how accurate, pertinent and modified push messages can enhance user engagement for any mobile app. Deep linking works always one step forward and assist to fortify the influence of push notifications or SMS.

Deep linking can be successfully executed with the concept of appealing new users to your app. In mobile app relations, it is a URL for a mobile app that refers users straight to a particular page inside an app when unlocked for the first time.

Large terms such as Google and Apple are also the supporters of deep linking influence and boost the version of this practice for improved user engagement and retention.

The practice boosts user experience, saves lots of time expended on navigation and engages users.

8. Update the product to attract and retain users

After sometimes of using the likewise app with outdated features and content, users have a tendency to get a little uninterested with your app and want to go through the diverse material. This is why one requires often updating their apps and arriving innovative exciting features and contents to keep astounding users.

However, if your app is relatively sophisticated, efficient and up-to-the-minute than entrants, you will have to understand the perspective of appreciating users with more tailored contents. This is also a great way to catch customers’ attention and maintain them for a longer period.

For example how Facebook goes through their users’ sensitivity and choices and remains to present captivating updates to their app to keep consumers pleased and fixed to their mobile app.

Key benefits of day to day app iterations:

• Sophisticated user experience and in-app expedition

• Pleased and happy customers

• Substantial expansion in user engagement

• Best consumer retention

• Increase in customer LTV (lifetime value)

• Nominal chance of app abandonment

Viral effects of mobile app engagement

Each customer sums up and it is therefore imperative to maintain them continually. Besides this, involving in the social marketing of your created app, it is similarly vital to involve yourself in offering an excellent quality user experience to your customers.

In order to attain such viral effects efficiently, one always has to keep a few important things in mind and they are as follows:

• Always write more relevant content for your built mobile app.

• Using appropriate networks for enticing your targeted audience.

• Involving in sharing the app’s information with the invitations, tweets, recommender system and much more.

• Offers all recommendation strategies such as virtual currency, bonuses for attracting users and many more.


These are only a few significantly impactful user engagement and retention strategies you can contemplate for your app to earn trustworthy, pleased brand app users. On the other hand, there is no enchanted formula for building your app growing in the market. 

You might also attempt accepting one or two of these techniques at times along with the suggested tips to get how it functions with your app. It will take some time before you discover which ones have a good influence on your business. 

You can then optimize your strategy consequently. Thus, there are above mentioned some of the effective tips that can surely help to gain more and more users engagements mobile app for you. If you are a business owner and you want to gain increasingly numbers of user engagement for your apps, only the best formula is to follow such all tips and then you can see and experience the best as well as growing user engagement and retention every day. 

Along with you also need to hire topmost mobile app development companies and they will guide you all about customer engagements process step by step and you will easily and immediately achieve successes in your business. This is the great opportunity for your business for increasing consumer engagements and retentions now don’t miss it.