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Online shopping in India

Online shopping in India

Friday August 04, 2017,

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The growth of e-commerce industry all over the globe, in the past decade was bound to take its toll on the Indian markets as well, and surely, it has been successful in doing so. With the development of technology and digital industries, a number of big e-commerce companies emerged victorious in India. Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and countless more have been successful in leaving their mark in the consumer’s heart and mind. Special discounts and sales are available every month to keep the consumers happy and busy with their freshly ordered products. Some of the sales like the Amazon Great Indian Sale or the Big Billion Day Sale from Flipkart have made tremendous profits from exclusive discounts on branded products. The availability of good products at cheap prices is another reason for the customers to keep coming back to their favourite online shopping website. This is one of the major reasons why India stands tall as the third largest country with the highest number of internet users. Bumper sales like the Big Billion Day Sale or the Freedom Sale makes users hungry for more products at cheap rates and so this win-win situation calls for even larger traffic on these e-commerce websites. Purchasing anything for a rather inexpensive price. Big and small products, all like, can be purchased from a single website today. For an instance, you can purchase, clothes, mobile phones, laptops, television sets, home appliances, furniture and much much more.

Amazon Online Shopping Website And Its Ever Popular Great Indian Sale

With over 177.4 million desktop users per month Amazon surely has won many hearts throughout the nation. With Amazon, millions of people all over the country order countless number of products everyday. This saves their time, energy and an impactful amount of money as well. Amazon is one of the most frequently used online shopping website through which customers purchase a huge amount of product on a daily basis, without even any exclusive and particular sale offer. However, during the Great Indian Sale, the demand of the products go sky high with the massive discounts of even upto 80% on various products. From latest mobile phones, laptops, electronic gadgets, home appliances, fashion clothing, footwear and accessories to a lot more, Amazon’s Great Indian sale pretty much satiates users in every possible way. You can bring home numerous high quality product at reasonable and absolutely affordable prices. So the next time, when the Freedom Sale goes live on the Jabong website, make sure to buy every product you have ever wished for.

The Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale With (Estimated) 90% Off This Year


Flipkart follows up the lead of amazon with a massive 101.7 million desktop users per month. India’s indigenous website attracts consumers for its sustainable and durable products along with its super fast delivery convenience. This website allows users to shop for products at unbelievably low prices during the Big billion day. As the name suggests, approximately a billion consumers purchase products from the website within a short span of just 24 hours. Countless products of our daily requirement such as fashion clothing, footwear, mobile phones, laptops, home appliances such as television sets, refrigerators, microwaves, even furniture and home decor products can be purchased from the website with attractive discount offers. Be it the latest mobile phone, or the trendiest dress with the ideal label. Customers shop for everything they have been dreaming of, at shockingly cheap prices. Flipkart has proven its worth and tested with time, however, it still stands strong and can take up on its competitors with mighty ease. This Big Billion Day initiated by flipkart is its answer to all its competitors. Therefore, although amazon is undoubtedly ahead of flipkart, but flipkart is said to be catching up and only prospering since its launch. For more details on the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale, click here.

Snapdeal’s Unbox India Sale With 70% Discounts On Quality Products

Snapdeal is known for its Unbox Zindagi sale and has a wide customer base during the sale season. This offer lasted from the 21st to the 23rd of January this year and was successful in satisfying millions of customers with its reliable products. Although snapdeal has been in the hot water quite a few times, but never for its products as the online shopping website is true to their customers and always particular about their products. Not only the products, but the estimated delivery dates and the entire process and ordering and delivering is meticulously seen through. You can purchase any and every product from here at discounted prices. Not only this, you also get additional benefits of more discounts if you are a holder of a certain bank’s debit or credit card. Therefore, Snapdeal is a customer favourite for its trusted products and rightly so.