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Do We Require an FSSAI license for Export?

By Mukesh Sharma|14th May 2019
If you are in the export business of food products you need an FSSAI license for that. FSSAI license for Export shows that your products are safe, according to standards of FSSAI and can be consumed as it will not cause any ill effect on your health.
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Indian food products are well sold and exported to foreign countries and their markets. They love to have our traditional foods. All these products are registered and licensed under FSSAI. Basically, the FSSAI license is divided into two categories based upon the annual income of the company.

FSSAI license for Export

FSSAI license categories are as follows:

  • FSSAI central license (rs. 12 lakhs - rs 20 crore annual turnover)
  • FSSAI state license. (annual turnover above 20 crores)

Any person who is engaged in food business requires FSSAI basic license. Other than that they can go for state or central license. There are a number of documents required for FSSAI state license and FSSAI central license. But FSSAI license for merchant exporter requires some extra documents.

What are the Requirements of FSSAI Export License?

If you are in the export business of food products you need an FSSAI license for that. Export FSSAI license shows that your products are safe, according to standards of FSSAI and can be consumed as it will not cause any ill effect on your health. Exporters need to follow the following steps to obtain the FSSAI license for export:

  • First exporters need a valid import and export code
  • Then exporters have to register themselves with the foreign trade Directorate General.
  • Then you need to obtain a license for exporting food items from the central licensing authority.

Kindly note down the shelf life of your products and packing quality of the product should be superior so that it could reach its destination without getting spoiled or spill.

Once you have completed all the above-given formalities, now you are eligible to apply for the FSSAI Export license. Exporters can easily apply for the license through the legal website of FSSAI.

  • Register your respective company to get an import-export license
  • Apply for no objection certificate
  • Get all your food products approved by FSSAI.

After that, you are capable of exporting your company’s food products. It may take a long time to get approval for your food products from FSSAI as all the food products are checked to match the standard of food safety and security. Only the approved products are allowed to be exported out of the country other food products are categorized under the prohibited category.

What is No Objection Certificate (NOC) and what are the documents required for it?

FSSAI license for Export

All the exporters and companies who are engaged in work of import and export of food products need to obtain the no objection certificate before applying for FSSAI license. If they don’t have a NOC they are not eligible for FSSAI export license.

To obtain a no objection certificate you require below given documents:

  • The origin certificate of the country.
  • Importer exporter code or IEC obtained from DGFT.
  • Entry bill
  • Food business license issued under FSSAI.
  • An end-use declaration that proves that respective food is not GM food.
  • There may be other documents depending upon the import-export items of the individual company.

Food standards measured during laboratory test for obtaining no objection certificate:

  • There should be no visibility of insect or fungus on food
  • The shelf life of products should be high
  • Products should be properly packed and labeled.
  • So, take care of all these specifications provided in this article to obtain an FSSAI license for import and export of food products.

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