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What Are Spider Veins And How Are They Caused?

The human body is made in such way that the one way valved veins carry deoxygenated blood from various parts of the body to the heart. The valves are there to prevent this deoxygenated blood to an opposite direction from the heart. But when some of the valves get damaged, the blood may get pulled back and may get deposited in the veins. This causes bulging of the veins causing itching and pain. Such veins can appear under the skin in the form of tree branches of bluish or red color. This is known as spider veins.

What Are Spider Veins And How Are They Caused?

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

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Causes Of Spider Veins:

One of the main reasons of having such complication is hereditary. If someone in the family has suffered from varicose veins or spider veins, then you may get this issue. But apart from this, there are also many other causes of the problem such as:

• A job where you may need to stand for long hours

•A leg injury

• Carrying excess weight

• Pregnancy and others

It is important to know about the reason of the problem before going for the spider veins or varicose vein treatment in order to get the right cure.


Some Common Misconceptions About Spider Veins:

Over the time, there have been a number of misconceptions about Spider veins and varicose veins in India and other places. Some of them are mentioned here.

Spider Veins, Dangerous Or Not: Spider Veins are not actually dangerous. But it can get complicated and problematic if it is left untreated.

Spider Veins Can Be A Blood Clot Or Not: Blood clot will not cause tree branches like appearance under the skin; it will rather appear like a mass. Hence, spider veins does not cause due to a blood clot.

Is Spider Veins Caused By Bad Blood Circulation: Spider veins are not caused by bad blood circulation, rather it can be said that spider veins is a cause for bad blood circulation in the body.

Spider Veins Can Be Symptom Or Pregnancy Or Not: Spider Veins is quite common in pregnant women and so many people take it as a symptom. But it has to be known that it happens in the trimester and hence there can be many other symptoms prior to it such as nausea or missed periods to know that you are pregnant.

Treatment Of Spider Veins

It is important to treat Spider veins to avoid further complications. It is a great idea to meet the best vascular surgeon in order to check for the case and get the best treatment. Apart from the vascular surgery, there are now also other non-surgical methods too available that help in getting the problem cured permanently or for a long time. 

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